The Case for Impeachment

Natalie Casey, Staff Writer

October 16, 2019

The question of Trump’s impeachment and whether students thought it was a good idea was presented in my political theory class. Only two students raised their hand in favor of impeachment, and around seven were against, with...

Addressing the ‘Wall’

Gabby Duga, Staff Writer

March 22, 2019

When I heard that President Donald Trump was going to declare a national emergency, my first thoughts were, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” But then again, I was not surprised that he would call a national emergency on an...

The Muller Report

Hayk Martirosyan, Opinion Editor

March 22, 2019

Nothing illustrates the divisiveness of the modern political climate like the ongoing Special Counsel investigation. This investigation began with the identifying Russian interference in American elections, and will be two year...

Stop Victim Shaming

Stop Victim Shaming

November 29, 2017

Glendale Community College students and faculty members gather in the school's central quad to protest Donald Trump's decision to end DACA.

DACA Controversy

September 19, 2017

MEDIA FAVORITE: Donald Trump’s rhetoric fomented hate and distorted the truth during campaign rallies and in his  venomous Twitter rages. Conservative blogs deluged the internet with anti-Hillary fake news.

The Man Who Would be King

November 14, 2016

Donald Trump