Student Candidates Hold Pre-Election Forum

Ashley Chang

ASGCC candidates for the spring 2010 election were given an opportunity to publicize their ideas, as well as themselves, during a candidate forum Tuesday afternoon at Plaza Vaquero.

Election commissioner and current senator of activities Menua Minas Massihi kicked off the event by welcoming spectators and hopeful contenders.

A handful of candidates took turns on the microphone, enthusiastically stating their ballot numbers, names and the position they hope to hold next spring.

Some students seemed to have rehearsed their speeches, while others played it by ear; and some nominees, just didn’t show up.

“We strongly encourage [candidates] to come, but they’re not dropped if they don’t come,” said Massihi. “It’s free publicity and you can show people your face. [Students] will recognize you.”

Danny Ramirez and George Balayan, who are both running for senator of finance, were two contenders who took advantage of the “free publicity.”

Ramirez is the current senator of finance with experience in the position, while Balayan stressed his knowledge in banking and his assertion to bring back financial “common sense.”

All five candidates running for senator of campus relations took turns pledging an array of positions, such as keeping the ASGCC newsletter and Web site up to date, introducing creative ideas and creating closer connections among school clubs.

The “Campus Clean UP,” hosted by ASGCC officers and athletes, followed the short speeches and candidate forum
People who participated were given complimentary pens, stress balls, a pizza lunch and a green T-shirt that read “This is your GCC. Keep your campus clean and green.”

Athletes, student body members and candidates were not the only people who adorned the white plastic trash bags and plastic gloves. Coaches and students in green shirts decorated and scattered the school, eager to pick up trash littered around campus.

Brian Hernandez, 21, an English and psychology major, partnered with friend Victor Chavez, 23, nursing, who considered themselves “concerned citizens” who wanted to help beautify GCC.

Positions for vice president of administrations, campus activities and campus organizations have no running mates. All senator and vice president of campus relations nominees will compete for an ASGCC seat on Election Day, Dec. 2.

Voting will be open from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in Plaza Vaquero.