Student Government Overhauls Web Site

Yesenia Pereyra

The Associate Students of Glendale Community College had a meeting on Sept. 22 where a new component of the MyGCC Web site was displayed, called PeopleSoft Student Services.

PeopleSoft is designed for faculty to have the ability to view their student’s information, create career plans and schedules. For students, the program will provide direct access to their own data and convenient access to enrollments, according to the Student System Implementation Project Character.

Other factors that will be featured in the program will include the ability to see the student’s financial records and change their own personal data. With the various new advance tabs, it will display admission records, the latest information and the student’s transcript if they are planning to transfer.

It will also improve professors’ and student’s communication techniques. It will feature an e-mail tab where e-mails will be transmitted back and forth in a more organized manner, rather than the regular e-mail Web sites.

The program is directed by Dr. Ricardo Perez, vice president of student services along with Arnel Pascua, the project manager associates vice president information technology services.

It was first purchased in 2006 for $1.2 million. Another $3.1 million will cover the employment of Ciber consultants, an implementation partner with GCC. The consultants will implement the program and help run it at school, said Pascua.

Representatives from each department are currently training with Ciber consultants to learn how to configure the system. Training will continue until the program is aired.
Train the Trainer will be another segment of training where each department will train the staff from their department.

Instructions will also be also provided for students about the management of the new page said Angieh Bagnoomian, student fees technician.

“The staff is looking forward to the huge improvements to student services that PeopleSoft will provide and they are excited,” said Pascua.

Testing will take place in mid January of 2010. The Financial Aid Department plans to premiere the program by February of 2010.

In March, it will be ready for Admissions, accepting summer applications, and by the summer of 2010 it is expected to be operating fully, said Sharon Combs dean of Admissions and Records.

The non-credited matriculation is holding a “passport day” on Oct. 27. Students who are enrolled in non-credit class are encouraged to enroll in credited classes.

ASGCC will fund the buses that take students who do not drive from and to campus.

Campus beautification project was held Tuesday, where students participated to make GCC a clean campus said Erik Sinanyan, senator of campus activities committee.

The day was dedicated to the conservation of the environment, appreciation for the campus and make the environment friendly. The environmental club was also part of the event with ASGCC.

Administration provided prizes for students who participate, a raffle took place, and guess speakers were involved such as Dawn Linsday, interim superintendent, and other faculty members.

A blood drive will take place on Oct. 22 from Providence Hospital.

On Oct. 27, the rock band Visa will be performing on campus to get the students involved and to give them a relaxation day since it is around the time of midterms, said Mehu Minas-Massihi, senator of activities.