Now In: Student Election Results

Jessica Bourse

The Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC) held campus elections on Wednesday and Thursday for the AS positions in the fall.

With 477 votes, Lilya Avagyan was elected president/student trustee. She beat candidate Lauren Shenian by seven votes.

Tigranuhi Stepanyan ran unopposed and was elected vice president of administration.

Lilit Melik-Bakhshyan was elected vice president of activities with 494 votes, and Eileen Amirian was elected vice president of campus relations, beating Joseph Roszhart by four votes.

The position of vice president of campus organizations will belong to Hermine Gevondyan,who won with 429 votes.
Zaruhi Hakobyan, Narine Levonyan and Antonio Zarate were elected as senators of administration.

Fall’s senators of campus activities will be Argineh Ebrahimi, Menua Minas-Massihi and Jessica Tjokro.

Hamlik Abrahimian, Daniel Ramirez and Janser Riberio were elected as senators of finance.

Julie Djigardjian, Anna Khachaturyants and Araik Erik were elected as senators of campus organizations.

The positions of vice president of finance and senators of campus relations have yet to be determined. Election results for these positions should be released later this week.