Students Elect New Officers

Fabiola Prieto

Acampus-wide election was conducted last week in Plaza Vaquero to fill 19 positions of leadership within the Associated Students of GCC.

The election was held from 9 a.m. last Wednesday until 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

The student government is composed of six committees which, according to the ASGCC Web site, “foster a spirit of unity among students on campus and maintain a budget that benefits over 100 departments andprograms.”

The six committees are: the executive committee, administration, finance, campus activities, campus relations and campus organizations.

Except for the executive committee, which incorporates the president and all the vice-presidents from the rest of the committees, there were three senator positions available in each committee.

One vice president position was available in each of the following committees: administration, campus activities, campus relations, and campus organizations. The vice president of finance and the president serve for two semesters beginning in the fall session.

“Students have just as much of an equal voice as administrators, faculty and staff… [student representatives] know what students need,” Tzoler Oukayan, student activities coordinator and advisor to the ASGCC, said about the benefits of having a student government.

The requirements to run for a seat on student government include: being registered in at least nine units, having a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, and completion or current enrollment of a student leadership course.

“The student leadership class is the best class I have taken at GCC,” said Milton Alvarez, a candidate for vice president of campus relations. “It not only teaches you how to become a better person, but it actually teaches you about you; you get to know yourself.”

In addition to the student leadership class,prospective candidates must collect 100 signatures, and once nominated they attend a series of meetings to review the election code, campaign ethics and rule violations.

“[Being part of student government] gives me a lot of leadership and time management skills,” said Nina Tshavrushyan. “I get to know a lot of great people and it gives me a lot of experience in public relations.”

Tshavrushyan, 19, was an uncontested candidate for vice president of campus organizations, and she founded the “Election 2008” club on campus.

“Student government elections are as important as the presidential elections because we [leaders] vote in a lot of things that directly impact the student life and do things that help the community as well,” she said.

According to Steven Ferguson, AS president, the turnout of candidates was one of the largest in ASGCC history. “Now we’re going to have, hopefully, a good fundraiser for AS. We need the student leaders now more than ever with the state budget the
way it is,” he said.

There were 1,168 ballots counted and the results where announced on Friday. To contact the representatives of ASGCC visit SC 112.