Student Officers Elected for Fall

Allan Beglarian

The results are in for the student government elections that concluded last Thursday after two days of voting.

Steven Ferguson, 19, a political science major, who ran unopposed, was elected president of ASGCC with 352 votes.

Anna Nersisyan, 20, a business administration major, beat her opponent Mathew Verstraete, 18, undecided major, for the vice president of administration by a vote of 378 to 143.

Ovsanna Khachikian, 19, international business major, the only nominee for the position of vice president of finance,
received 341 votes.

Sesil B. Aksu, 18, communi-cations major, won the vice president of campus activities, with 289 votes.

Rober Terziyan, 18, economics major, will be the vice president of campus relations. He was the only contender for this position and received 319 votes.

Lilya Avagyan, 20, biology major, overcame Tigran Avakyan, 20, public policy major, for the position of vice president campus organizations by a vote of 388 to 267.

Four students competed for the position of senator of administration, and the three elected to the position were: Irina Melik-Bakhshyan, 19, international studies major, 373 votes; Siranush Sarkisyan, 19, biology major, 308 votes; and Ruzan Stepanyan, 20, psychology major, with 263 votes.

Only three students ran for the position of senator of finance. Lilit Garibyan, 185 votes, Melisa Hanparsn, 189 votes and Hakop Saribekyan, 148 votes.

From the four candidates who competed, Martin Arzoumanins, 20, psychology major, 330 votes; Christine R. Shirvanian, 256 votes; and Hisae Konishi, 178 votes, were the elected students to the senator of campus activities.

There were three candidates for senator of campus relations: Milton J. Alvarez-Ramos, 171 votes; Beno Manokian, 18, biology major, 226 votes; and Joseph Roszhart, 20, psychology major, 146 votes.

Out of the four competing students for the position of senator of campus organizations, the three appointes are: Nina Tshavrushyan, 18, political science major, 312 votes; Lauren Shenian, 18, biology major, 249 votes; and Yazmin Moreno, 165 votes.

There were 922 ballots cast for 11 vacancies and each voter could vote for up to three candidates for each vacant position, provided there were three or more candidates running for that particular position.

After many hours spent in Plaza Vaquero campaigning for positions on the governing student body, the 26 candidates who ran for office impatiently waited for the following day to reveal the much-anticipated results.

“They are not voting as much as they should,” said Tigran Avakyan, 20, public policy major, who was running for vice president of campus organizations.

“When I ask them [students] to vote, they say they did already. It’s like they don’t care who is going to be elected and how they are going to allocate $325,000 on the college programs,” said Avakyan.

For more information contact the student affairs office in the Student Center.