A New Day, But Sadly, Another Loss

Special to El Vaquero

The Vaqueros women’s volleyball team was pumped and seemed ready for its first win in a rally against the Allan Hancock Bulldogs (3-4) Oct. 15, but went down in defeat in the third game of the match.

The team looked good in the beginning of the first game,taking an early 11-8 lead. But, it was downhill from there. The Vaqueros fell back 27-20 and coach Yvette Ybarra-Cephus called the first time out. But it did not help much,as the Vaqueros lost the first game 30-20.

The Bulldogs controlled the second game with a commanding lead until Vaqueros called time out.

After the time out,the Vaqueros scored six unanswered points, but that was not enough to keep up with the Bulldogs, who won the second game 30-18.

It seemed like the entire game was down the drain with another loss for the Vaqueros. But the women thought otherwise, as they began the third game with a bang.

The Vaqueros got the crowd into it with 3 aces and 2 spikes to gaining 8-3 lead. It looked like the third game would be all Vaqueros, until the Bulldogs went on another run to close it out 30-21.

Even though Glendale’s Jocelyn Abad had a good game with seven kills and nine assists, Tamirah Washington had five kills and eight assists, and Amanda Martin had six kills. None of the players were happy about their performance, including the coaching staff.

“We felt confident going into tonight’s game,” said Ybarra-Cephus. “We could have done better but unfortunately we made a lot of mistakes. But the main thing we lacked was heart,as usual.”

Throughout the match, the Bulldogs seemed to be louder, tougher and more aggressive than the Vaqueros.

“As people, we are very connected to each other but on the court we have a hard time trusting [each other],” said Marine Minasyan. “We also lacked consistency in playing well throughout the game.”

The team would play about three minutes of good volleyball, looking like a team rather than a bunch of individuals, and then they would fall apart.

“We fought hard and didn’t give up, but it still wasn’t good enough for the win,” Ybarra-Cephus said.

“The next game is a whole new game and I keep telling myself that the first win will come and we are hoping it will come soon.”

The Vaqueros will face Curtis today at GCC at 7 p.m., to see if they can get their first win.