Sports >> Track and FieldInjuries May Riddle Cross Country Team

El Vaquero Staff Writer

With the Western State Conference meet only a week away, the men’s and women’s cross country team is hoping to be healthy, well rested and ready to run.

Both men and women from the GCC teams will be participating in the events, but not all of the runners will be 100 percent healthy.
“We have had numerous injuries this season already that have hurt us and may still hurt us while the season goes by,” said coach Eddie Lopez. “Hopefully the injuries will not effect us in the conference meets, but only time will tell.”

The main aspect the team has been working hard on is the mileage. Every Monday and Wednesday, both teams go full out and try to get in as many miles as possible.

The training has increased from the summer practice as the team gets closer and closer to the conference meets, Lopez said.

“The main concern of the team is probably to not be too tired for the important meets that are coming up and the injuries that we are dealing with right now,” said Lopez.

Preston Richardson has surprised and impressed his coach by running extremely well. Richardson finished 17th in his 4 mile race in the Golden West Invitational on Sept. 25 with a time of 21:10.

Raymundo Vasquez is one of the runners who should be kept a good eye on said Lopez. He has the potential to be a great runner. He is also a very patient person which is a very important part of being a cross country runner. Vasquez finished 10th in the four mile race with a time of 20:56.

On the girl’s side of the cross country it has all been Maribel Cespedes. She has taken care of business and looks to have some great chances in the conference meets. She finished seventh in the three mile race with a running time of 19:57. “Maribel has continued to do extremely well, as she is getting better day by day,” said Lopez.

Lucia Tecaxco is also one of the runners that gets mentioned. She has been getting great times in the meets. “She is always working too hard at the practices and I can see that she is always giving 100 percent,” said Lopez. Tecaxco finished 13th with a running time of 20:24.

Even though the cross country teams have a few injured runners, it doesn’t look like it will be much of a problem when it comes to races because of the contribution from other runners.

The GCC men’s team has been first place in the conference for the past seven years and the women’s team finished in second place last year.
Lopez wants to make sure the streak doesn’t stop this year. He has worked with the men and women a couple of times a week to make sure that they bring all they have to the conference meets.

The teams will compete in the WSC meets today at 3:30 p.m. at Bakersfield.

“Regardless of all the injuries we have, I have a great feeling of these races, I think we will have some great times in because I know everyone will come out on the track with everything they have becasue of the long rest we are going to have before the next meet,” said Lopez.