Men’s Tennis Season Wraps With 8-7 Overall; 6-5 League Records

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Vaqueros have ended their 2003 season with an 8-7 overall record, and are currently in Ojai competing in the 103rd annual Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament, until Sunday.

With a 8-4 record heading into the last three games of the season, the squad faced losses from Chabot College on April 3, 2-7, Santa Barbara College on April 8, 3-6, and Ventura College on April 10, 2-7. Their record for league competition is 6-5.

In league competition, the team balanced out their performance with 3-2 record first and second half.

Overall, the Vaqueros had a 5-2 in the first half, and 3-5 the second half.

This season??Ts team has been competitive in the Western State Conference, with members of the team that had competed in the Western State Conference Tournament.

Coach Bob Mackay, ending the season, said, ??oThey played their heart??Ts out.??2

Qualifying members of the team that advanced to the quarterfinals in the Conference Tournament will be competing in the Southern California Regional Tournament held in San Diego on May 1 to May 3.

Their performance at the Regionals will determine their eligibility in the State Championship Tournament.

In the Western State Conference Tournament, held at Bakersfield College last weekend, Shara Surabi and Gevork Kirakosian played together in doubles to win the No. 1 title of the conference.

They played against Ventura??Ts Sean Callaghan and Sean McCullough in the finals and won 1-6, 6-2, and 6-3, claiming the title.

They will be competing in Ojai and the Regionals together to compete for the title in both tournaments.

Surabi went into the tournament as the No. 1 seeded player for singles in the conference.

He was defeated by Dimitri Verabyou, from Ventura, 7-5 and 6-3, in the semifinals. His advancement to the semifinals allows him to compete in singles for the Regional Tournament.

Four members of the team, Surabi, Kirakosian, Roland Nazarian and Eric Ho, are currently competing in the Ojai Tournament to represent the Vaqueros.

After their return, they will head to San Diego next weekend to compete in the Regional Tournament. Their performance in both tournaments will determine each player??Ts place within the State of California.

For second year athletes, such as Surabi, this is the last chance in the Western State Conference to compete for a title.