Men’s Soccer Ends Season With Loss Against Moorpark

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Following the pattern they set in a frustrating season, the Vaquero men’s soccer team lost 1-5 against Moorpark College at Sartoris Field Friday. The disappointing season resulted in 17 losses, two wins and one tie.

Irving Valencia scored the Vaqueros’ first and only goal of the night during the first half. Shortly after, Moorpark scored a goal following a missed penalty kick by Moorpark, tying the teams 1-1 during the first half.

“We played really well during the first 30 or so minutes of the game,” said the Vaquero team captain Dino Barbiera. “They’re the second place team and we’re seventh, but I thought that we held our own during the game.”

The second half proved to be disappointing for the Vaqueros. Moorpark scored four more goals against the team’s defense.
“The defense was doing good,” said Vaquero freshman goalkeeper, Christian Sanchez. “I don’t know why they changed it; we went down after that.”

After Moorpark’s first goal the Vaqueros were unable to catch up despite the attempts to make any penalty kicks.

The Vaqueros’ strategy of the night was to play a high pressured game by leading an attack from the front.

“There are always tactics; working on touching the ball around, switching fields and just keeping it simple,” said Barbiera.
The Vaquero coach, Laura Matsumoto said, “We need to work on finishing and making sure that we have a more successful season next year.”

During the course of the game, the Vaqueros missed two opportunities to score penalty kicks. They also received two yellow cards during the second half. Valencia received a yellow card for tripping over an opponent and Brian Linares received one for knocking over an opponent.

They had lost to Moorpark previously in the season (0-2.) According to Barbiera, the team was at a disadvantage ever since the second half of this season.

“Our bench was really small. We had to re-adjust compared to the first game [against Moorpark.] We had a completely different lineup; different goalie and different midfielders. We played the best with what we had,” said Barbiera.

Freshmen Valencia and Jasey are expected to stand out next year, according to Barbiera considering their improvements and maturity through out the course of the season.

The previous captain had to be replaced after experiencing a concussion to the head. Another disadvantage for the Vaqueros is that the team is mainly made up of freshmen. The previous goalie had broekn his leg early on in the season due to a slide tackle.
Even though the Vaqueros’ season is over they are hopeful for the next.

“I have learned alot from this great coaching staff that I can’t wait to return also,” said Barbiera.

It’s a great group of guys and we hope to get a solid core of them back who will continue with maturity,” said Matsumoto “That’s what we’re looking for, maturity and players with a better soccer sense.”