Season Opener Turns Into a Practice

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Glendale women’s soccer team did not play its first game as expected last Tuesday. Instead, the players scrimmaged against each other because Allan Hancock College did not show up for the game. Game-faces turned into smiles and the need to stay focused was transformed into an opportunity to have some fun. The game was a pre-season game but, nonetheless, a win is a win and the Vaqueros will take it.

This is the fifth season for women’s soccer under Head Coach Jorge Mena and it is shaping up to be the best. Coaches and players alike are optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We have finished second the last two years. I believe this is the year where our team finishes first,” Coach Mena said.

The team’s bench is deep, especially at the goalie position, where the Vaqueros have three good, strong players ready to try to win every game by holding the opponent to a minimal amount of goals. Also, there is a good mixture of offense and defense, so one should not be surprised at the high hopes for this team. “We have a strong team this year,” said Goalie Vanessa Silva.

Coach Mena has stressed communication this year and has the women calling out plays during the game. The passing, the aggressive offense, and the shut-down defense are specific areas that have shown great improvement.

“We have good returning players and there is a good mixture of talent and heart,” said Assistant Head Coach Laura Matsumato.

To be exact, the team has 10 returning players and 12 players ready to make a good first impression. The returning players are experienced enough to know what it takes to get to where the team wants to go.

The freshmen should bring enough energy and determination, and with the help that they will get from their teammates and coaches, this team is looking playoff-caliber.

“I think we could go all the way,” said sophomore Abby Castellon.

She is very serious, as are her teammates who have the same mind-set. The Vaqueros started off their season with one in the win column. Even though the win was via forfeit, this team is capable of winning every game it plays. It is up to the players to get the job done, and it looks like they will.