Vaquero Men’s Soccer Team Roundup

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The Men’s soccer team flexed its muscles Sept. 16, beating the Oxnard Eagles 5-3 at the Glendale Sports Complex.

The floodgates were opened early with the Vaqueros scoring three unanswered goals.

The first goal came on a header by Alan Gonzalez only minutes into the game.

Glendale took advantage of the Eagles mental mistakes in the first half and took a commanding 3-0 lead going into halftime.

“Technically, we should have put the game out of reach at that moment.” head coach Joe Agoston said.

The Eagles scored a goal and Glendale made another goal before the half sending the teams off with a 4-1 Vaquero lead.

The second half was a different game all together with Glendale giving up two goals in a span of ten minutes.

A goal by the Vaqueros at the end of the game was too late to cover the wounds. Even though Glendale won 5-3.

“We are a much better team than they (Oxnard) are, we just let them get into the game,” said Gonzalez who scored two goals in the game. “This isn’t the first time we’ve let teams back into the game.”

The Vaqueros made a strong comeback Tuesday, but let a last minute goal by the Taft Cougars tie the game 2-2 at the Glendale Sports Complex.
With a few minutes left in the first half Taft began attacking with more fluidity and scored the first goal of the game.

Glendale responded in the second half with their first goal coming off a collision between Gonzalez and two Taft players.

The Vaqueros scored on a free kick later in the game and seemed poised to win the game.

Glendale let a last minute header by the Cougars tie the game 2-2.
“We just keep giving up goals we shouldn’t be giving up.” Said Agoston.
The next game is against the College of the Canyons at the Glendale Sports Complex today at 4 p.m.