Momentum Halted in Football Loss

Special to El Vaquero

November is here and that means basketball season is upon us. It looks like the NBA is going to have a very exciting year. But why pay $65 for cheap seats for the Lakers game when the same excitement is right here at GCC.

This years men’s basketball team looks like they are in great shape. The team has a lot of talent this year and looks to get some playoff action once again.

Led by head coach Brian Beauchemin and assistant coaches Glen Messick and Dave Enowitz, the Vaqueros will face a tough Western State Conference in the Southern Division this year, with all the strong teams out there.

But the team is confident and ready for the challenge. “I think we are going to be really good because we have a lot of talent,” said power forward Charles Jason Koffi, “Anybody can be a star in the team; that’s our force.”

The team does not look like a team with only one superstar, but one with considerable talent that will play as a team to win games and not play as individuals.

Even though the team has great individual players in every position even from the bench the team plays as a team with set plays and a lot of cuts into the paint.

During practice, the team looked like a great shooting team; but their defense is going to be the key in winning games this year.

Any decent team can play offense, and the Vaqueros know that (“offense just comes to us and our defense is great but there’s always room to improve defense,” said Charles Jason Koffi), but it takes a special team to play tough defense and GCC has been known for its great defense in the past. The team has been improved and is ready to stop any team that comes in their way.

With intense conditioning during the off-season the team looks like they’re in great shape and ready for the season.

The Vaquero Tip-Off Tournament will be on November 8-9.

The Vaqueros first game will be at 7 p.m. on Saturday. The team looks in great shape to have a great year.