News Briefs

The GCC police are installing a new card reader at Circle Drive. Currently, the re-entering of all the key numbers is taking place. Faculty members who have trouble with their key cards are asked to contact Merrilee Ahaus at Ext. 5205 and leave a name along with the key number on the back of the card for re-entry.

The Glendale College Associated Student Body introduced their Caribbean event on June 4 at Plaza Vaquero. Students were given free food while they were able to listen to a live band. There were also numerous games including the limbo contest, awarding winners with candy prizes.

GCC students will have one last opportunity to attend the Annual Art Exhibition today in the Library. The gallery consists 62 separate pieces of art from 37 participants. Different categories such as ceramics, design, media and digital arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, 3-D designs and photography are all part of the collection.