El Vaquero News Briefs

Library Workshop Registration Database

The Glendale Community College library has built a new library workshop registration database that will allow students to sign up electronically for library workshops that are offered throughout the semester for lower level English classes and ESL.
The database, created by GCC librarian Margaret Cribbs, was launched Feb. 19.
According to instruction librarian Deborah Moore, the goal of the database is to “streamline the workshop process and resolve some issues related to overcrowding of workshops.”

Students who need to sign up for workshops may do so at the library reference desk at the workshop sign-up computer.

New Web Site Address

GCC has acquired a new Web site address that will, it is hoped, make clear that this campus and Arizona’s Glendale Community College are not related – and are, indeed, separate campuses. The new address – www.glendale.edu – was developed in cooperation with Arizona’s GCC, which is located about 20 miles north of Phoenix, is part of the Maricopa County district of community colleges. When online visitors log on, they will receive a choice of which school’s Web site they wish to see – California’s GCC or Arizona’s GCC.

The www.glendale.cc.ca.us web address will continue to operate indefinitely, as well as e-mail to any glendale.cc.ca.us address, according to Director of Network Planning and Operations Dave Mathews.


The award-winning play “Secrets” was presented in the auditorium on Thursday. It was sponsored by the health department as a means of educating students at GCC about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The play, presented by performers and educators from Kaiser Permanente, is centered around two high school students, Eddie and Monica, both with bright futures. Eddie’s first sexual experience made him HIV positive which caused life altering consequences for himself and everybody around him. Monica, however, believed in abstinence.

For more information about HIV or AIDS, or for free needle less testing, contact the Health Center at (818) 551-5189.