Lady Vaqueros Gear Up

El Vaquero Staff Writer

“Practice makes perfect” is one of those sayings that you always hear connected to doing well at any activity one performs in. It might mean more to one person than to another. It is Coach Dyan Miller’s belief, however, that having productive practices will result in a good season.
Miller has her players practicing hard two hours every in preparation of the upcoming season. During these two hours, the players are expected to make crisp passes, shoot with consistency, not miss any lay-ups and play tough, hard-nosed defense. All pretty simple stuff when it comes to playing basketball but it is these fundamentals that the coach is most worried about.

“We still have a lot of work to accomplish,” said Miller after the team finished their practice. “Our players need to perfect the fundamental parts of the game in order for us to be effective.

With the season lurking ahead, the players do what is expected of them each and every practice. When the players have to make 11 lay-ups without a miss, they do. When it is time to put pressure on the ball, they do. Most important of all, when Miller tells them to do something, they do it. This kind of attitude is going to help the team have a successful season.

“The practices are hard work, but we have gotten used to them,” said freshman Thea Bell.

With the Pasadena tip-off coming up Nov. 11 to 13, the Vaqueros are becoming more focused and are determined to have a good season; they are an athletic, young and talented team (why are you giving your opinion?) this is not my opinion, it’s fact. These three elements mixed with the other key elements which are playing together as a team well and not making costly mistakes on the court make Glendale a team to be reckoned with. The consensus is that the team is good enough to make some noise in the conference according to coaches and players alike.
“I think we are in great shape,” said freshman Jasmine Stanley. “We have a quick, talented team, and we are definitely looking forward to this season.”

“The team is great,” added freshman Julie An. “We all get along with each other and we are all excited about getting out there and having a good season.”

There are only three returning players and ten freshmen on this year’s team. The three sophomores Shannon Kegley, Jerniece Johnson and Deniece Johnson are the three players who Miller is expecting big things from.
“If those three players can do what is expected of them which is to lead us in scoring and leadership, then we are in great shape,” said Miller. “The good play that these three players bring will rub off on the rest of the team.”

Kegley was first-team all-conference last year and again expects to dominate and lead the Vaqueros to victories. (Jerniece) Johnson was the MVP of the league last year, and with twin sister Denise, these three players are sure to give whoever they face a battle. Any basketball team, college and professional alike, would benefit greatly from three great players, so the Vaqueros should take advantage of this situation.
Miller, who is entering her eighth season as the head coach has always had the same goal in mind and that is to win conference and make it to the playoffs. The players have the capability to perform well on the basketball court, according to Miller. The Coach has the capability to guide her players as the season progresses, according to her players. Miller also has experience playing college ball as she was a standout player at Moorpark College and all-state in 1989-90.

“We feel strongly about our team, and I think we have all the pieces in place to have a successful season,” said Miller. “All we have to do now is prove ourselves on the court.”