4 Game Win Streak Ends In 9-1 Loss to Mission


“We have to get going early in the game, we can’t wait until the 7th or 8th inning and start to play catch up,” said head coach Chris Cicuto after a 9-1 loss on Saturday at Stengel Field.

The Vaqueros (4-3,7-8), allowed the first one-run homer in the second inning with a 3-2 count. After the home run, the Vaqueros were looking to come back fast. Jon Conley struck out the next two batters after walking a player.

With two outs left the first basemen tried to steal to second but was cut off by the great eyes of Colney.

Los Angeles Mission (8-0, 11-4) got the second run in the third inning with a grounder to right field, which brought in the third baseman to make it 2-0. The Vaqueros struck out twice to end the third inning.
L.A. Mission had men on first and second with one out when the Eagles attempted a double steal. The Eagle hitter popped up to catcher A.J. Anthony, who doubled up the runner at first base. but the Vaqueros were not out of the woods.

“We allowed too many runs with two outs,” said Cicuto. The Eagles doubled in two runs, which made the score 4-0.

Outfielder Blake Gailen opened the fourth inning for the Vaqueros with a base hit. Gailen was left stranded at first. This seems to be a problem lately for the Vaqueros who have had trouble producing runs.
The Vaqueros went to their bullpen with Daniel Caldwell in the fifth inning, but L.A. Mission started with two strong hits which got their men on first and third.

Both men scored to make the game 6-0. Bill Spottiswood had the only hit single for the Vaqueros in the fifth inning.

Despite Chris Oliver dropping an easy fly ball in center field , the Vaqueors came away not allowing a run in the sixth.inning
The strong defense continued into the seventh inning, there was only one hit allowed.

When all hope was gone for the Vaqueros, Gailen got a strong hit single which got GCC on their feet; if they were going to make any run to catch up this was the time. But unfortunately that was the only hit of the inning.

GCC went to its bullpen again with Casey Fritts who did not allow a hit in the eight inning. After both Jesse Hirdler and Gabe Gonzales flied out, Oliver singled with a 3-2 count and infielder Daniel Lee brought him in with an RBI double. Infielder Scott Smith could not keep the momentum going and grounded out to end the eight inning.

“We batted good and got great connections but they kept on getting runs in,” said Cicuto.

Los Angeles Mission was once again knocking on the Vaquero door GCC turned a great 4-3 double play , which got the fans on their feet at Stengel Field but short stop from L.A. Mission hit a booming ball out of the field for a 3 run home run.

The Vaqueros had no answer in the bottom of the ninth. In the end the Vaqueros were handed their eigth loss overall and third loss in conference..

The Vaqueors will host a strong Baskersfield (13-2,6-1) team Saturday 6 p.m. at Casey Stengel Field.