Captain Spearheads Big Game

El Vaquero Staff Writer

Body size plays a big factor in sports like basketball and football; Jose Martinez proves the size of your heart is just as important when he’s playing soccer.

Martinez, a GCC defender and captain of the team knows that soccer is all about dedication and heart. Although skill is also a definite component for success on the field, a passion for the game is what separates the unforgettable players from the good ones.

Martinez has been giving it his all on the field since he was 10 years old. Every time he puts on his cleats, fans can expect to see Martinez’s aggression and hassle with every chance he has to help his team. Getting the team the win matters much more to Martinez than scoring goals or getting assists.

“I’ve always liked to be an aggressive player and try to find ways to help my team out anyway possible,” said Martinez. “Winning is always the first priority; it’s why we all play — to win.”

While attending Van Nuys High School Martinez was the captain of the varsity team. Now he plays soccer for recreation and is currently majoring in social science.

“The only reason I play soccer is because I just love the game so much,” said Martinez. “Every time I head on to the field, I’m there to enjoy it.” said Martinez.

GCC head coach Joe Agoston agrees Martinez brings something special to the team. “He is always being aggressive and giving it all he has,” said Agoston. “You could always tell that he’s enjoying the game.”

Martinez is hopeful about the Vaqueros’ season. “The one thing I like about this team is that everyone knows what we need to do to get the wins in,” he said. “Although we’ve started slow, we are now playing harder and I hope we go far this season.”

Just like his favorite athlete Carlos Roberto from the Brazilian national team, Martinez loves to help in small ways on the field to help his team get the win. Roberto is his role model because he believes Roberto is truly one of the greatest players of soccer.
When Martinez isn’t playing soccer at Glendale College he is usually hanging out with his friends. He likes to unwind with video games and going to movies.

Martinez believes his ability to maintain a positive attitude and staying dedicated to soccer has helped him stay off the streets while concentrating on the important things in life like family and school.
“I want to thank Coach for being so dedicated and for the team for playing so hard every game,” said Martinez.

Martinez is always nice and kind to everyone off the field but when game time comes there aren’t any friends just opponents.