Johnson’s Grit Proves Invaluable

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The El Vaquero point guard standing at 5’2 has big game with a bigger heart; point guard Danielle Johnson, started playing basketball when she was only 6 years old.

Since then she has accomplished a lot, by playing for Pasadena High School and when she was not draining three’s at Pasadena, she was probably crossing over some guy at the playground. Johnson likes playing with players who have game, girls or guys.

From there she moved onto GCC, where she is now playing her second year. Johnson is the only player on the team who is a sophmore, is also mature enough to know how to run the team.

“If I couldn’t play basketball I wouldn’t be playing any other sport,” Johnson said.

She loves the game of basketball with a passion and she takes all her skills she has on the floor night after night.

With the help of Shannon Kegely, the leading scorer for the Vaqueros, guard Fabi Zalava and a great coaching staff including head coach Dyan Miller and assistant coach Dave Wilder, the team looks in to be in great shape to get a spot in the playoffs this year.

“Its still early in the year, but I think we have a shot at the playoffs,”said Johnson, “we just have to keep our heads in the game and improve on defense.”

Some may say that Johnson is one of the quickest players on the team; she may even be the sole reason the Vaqueros get so many fastbreak opportunities.

When the team looks unorganized, Johnson knows exactly what to do to get the team on the right page.

Johnson looks up to NBA superstar Jason Kidd of the New Jersey Nets, because he is currently the smartest point guard in the NBA who knows how to run a team just like a general. Johnson’s moves and passing skills may remind you of Kidd.

“I think basketball inspires a lot kids out there to stay in school and away from drugs”, said Danielle, “Even though I haven’t needed basketball to do so, but basketball has given me confidence in school.”Danielle has always done great in school and is now majoring in physical education.

The GCC women’s basketball team has many players with a lot of talent and Danielle is definitely one that the team cannot do without.