GCC Women’s Athletics Celebrates 50 Years

Hall Of Fame and Title IX lead to the 50th anniversary celebration.

Recently, GCC Women’s Athletics celebrated its 50th anniversary. The tremendous celebration honors the women athletes who participate in the program and those who came before them. This 50 year accomplishment would not have been possible without the passing of Title IX or the creation of the GCC Athletic Hall Of Fame. 

The passage of Title IX in 1972 paved the way for female athletes to participate in activities, such as athletics, without discrimination. After Title IX was passed, opportunities for women in sports blossomed. Title IX led to a progression of equity within student-athletics and added to opportunities given to women in sports. Title IX aided in the recruitment of women for intercollegiate teams and even paved the way for many women to become Olympians. 

Another addition to Women’s Athletics at Glendale Community College was the creation of the Hall Of Fame. The GCC Hall Of Fame was established in 2002, and since then, has honored  many female Vaqueros. “​​The creation and first induction ceremony of the GCC Athletic Hall of Fame in 2002 was designed to honor athletes, coaches, teams and supporters of sports and all things Vaquero,” stated a press release from earlier this April. 

Through the creation of the GCC Hall of Fame, many notable Vaqueros have since been honored. Past Olympians such as Donna Mayhew and Cathy Ferguson are examples of Lady Vaqs that have since been honored. Since 2002, many more staff, athletes, and coaches have had their names implemented into the Hall of Fame.  

With the passing of Title IX, the induction of the Glendale Community College Hall of Fame, and those who have contributed to GCC Women’s Athletics, the celebration of 50 years has been a great accomplishment for all. The anniversary is representative of the advancement of equity in student sports and organizations. 

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