Glendale Community College Men’s Golf Team Clinches Spot in Southern California Regionals

GCC’s team won fourth place overall in the WSC Finals that took place in April of this year

Glendale Community College Men’s Golf team managed to clinch a spot in the SoCal Regionals tournament at Olivas Links Golf Course on May 9. They placed third overall for the season by making it to fourth in the first round of Western State Conference Finals (WSC). In addition, sophomore Nathaniel Frink took 9th Player All Conference Team honors. The overall team results for the first round of Conference Finals were as follows: 

Glendale   4th  
Josh Kim 74  
Nathaniel Frink 77  
Kevin Kienlen 76  
Thomas Du four 78  
Derek Chavez 84  
Cian Dowling 79  
  Total 384  

Season Team Results & So Cal Qualifiers

COC- 1st Place

VCC – 2nd Place

GCC – 3rd Place

CIT – At Bid 


The last time the GCC Men’s Golf team qualified for SoCal Regionals was the Spring of the 2014 season. Then, player Evin Davis took fifth place individually, and the team finished in 10th place overall. According to the team’s coach, Todd Tyni, “since then I have always had at least one player that qualifie[s] individually.” 

Todd Tyni has been coaching at Glendale Community College since the 2014 season. At that moment in time he thought qualifying each year would be an easy task. However, after some time he was soon confronted with the harsh reality of his situation. “Little did I know how hard it would be,” Tyni said. 

Tyni then went on to say his ultimate strategy for winning regionals was for the team to be synchronized as a unit and for the players to have the confidence to know they can win. “Each of the GCC golfers will need to assess the risk/reward for every shot, and determine if it is smart to be aggressive,” Tyni said. “Every team at the tournament is good, and it will be very close with a few strokes separating first through fourth.” In the past, the team has finished in fifth or sixth place due to minor strokes separating the field. 

Only four teams are able to move on to the State Championship. “I know we can do it, but more importantly, the team needs to know they can do it,” Tyni said. 


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