GCC 2021-22 Student-Athletes and Spring 2021 Scholar Ballers

Nationwide, student-athletes have been affected by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Not only did the pandemic shut down schools, but it also canceled all sports at schools. For some students, this was all they had, the last chance for a future in sports. This caused thousands of students statewide to give up their dreams but also motivated other students to work harder. 

As Glendale Community College opened back up for face-to-face instruction, at least partially, hundreds of student-athletes were welcomed back to campus for the athletic department’s annual Welcome Day on Tuesday, Sept. 7, at Sartoris Field, while the GCC Men’s soccer team defeated Pasadena City College 3-2 after full time. Number 14, Daniel Meza Gonzalez, scored two goals to take the lead in the first half of the game. Pasadena City College was able to come back with two back-to-back goals, but number nine, Danny Martinez, scored a goal in the last minutes of the game to secure the win for the Vaqueros!

During this finger-biting game, there were 72 student-athletes recognized as Scholar Ballers. With everything that the students faced during the pandemic, students at GCC kept their focus and maintained their deserved grades. For the Spring of 2021, the Scholar Baller award was presented to honors student-athletes with at least a 3.0 GPA and who have completed at least 12 units. Despite having to adjust to online learning, these students have managed to adapt and continue to be successful. We hope to see all these students back to training and maintain their GPAs as the fall semester progresses, representing the Vaqueros! 

Congratulations to all of the recipients of this accolade, and best wishes for a safe and prosperous academic and athletic year in 2021-22.


Here is the list of our “Scholar Ballers” for this past academic year: 

– Aaliyah Lee

– Adelina Bandarian

– Ailyne Charles

– Alec Garcia

– Aleksandra Martinez Ambrosio

– Allen Arriaga

– Alyson Jimenez

– Alyssa Cartagena

– Anthony Minasyan

– Arec Taslakian

– Asa Roberson

– Austin Kuromi

– Bianca Biel

– Brandon Hernandez

– Brian Ghattas

– Carlos James Vicencio

– Carson Cardenaz

– Chisom Obele

– Christopher Lozano

– Christopher Stamos

– Claudio Gonzalez

– Cristopher Santiago

– David Ganjian

– Destiny Lopez Castro

– Destiny McAllister

– Diamond Bishop

– Diego Camarillo

– Edgardo Montanez

– Elen Ghazaryan

– Elizabeth Switzer

– Emerson Gohrick

– Emiliano Gonzalez

– Erik Babayan

– Garno Amirian

– Hillary Mentaze

– Hrak Tahmasian

– Isaac Scott

– Isaiah Velazco

– James Gomez

– Jamie Levin

– Janett Venegas

– Jennifer Ser- Manukyan

– Jimena Ibarra

– Julianna Souza

– Julio Aguayo

– Junyong Kim

– Karina Ramirez

– Karla Sanchez-Ruiz

– Kevin Kiely

– Kevin Sarkes

– Kianna Marie Gueco

– Kylee Lousararian

– Lauren Herrera

– Lena Valenzuela

– Luis Juarez

– Lydia Forsyth

– Mackenzie Larisch

– Manuel Salazar

– Marco Molina

– Mariah Joy Mallari

– Marvin Guardado

– Mary Artsvelian

– Megan Delgado

– Minne Mardrosians Mardros

– Mira Botros

– Natalie McMichael

– Nelissa Boodaghyan

– Nicholas Pupiec

– Ovsanna Kalamdaryan

– Pablo Gamez

– Rebeca Cassandra Jauregui- Del Real

– Ricardo Garcia

– Riley Center

– Robert Treto

– Ronnie Sukazi

– Ryan Turner

– Samantha Cook

– Samantha Hoxsie

– Samuel Moore

– Sean Tiplitsky

– Shane Salzman

– Sheldon Watanabe

– Sophie Hawkins

– Spencer Davis

– Spencer Lauer

– Stella Simonyan

– Taguhi Yenokyan

– Thomas Hays

– Trent Lousararian

– Victoria Jimenez Rivas

– Vincent Lieberman

– Wataru Okamoto

– Xinix Perla

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