New Dates for the Olympics

The IOC reached an agreement on Monday that will start on July 23rd

After the 2020 Olympics were postponed last week, an agreement was finally reached. On Monday, the IOC, government officials and the International Paralympic Committee decided to hold the Olympic Games from July 23 to August eight of next year. It had originally been intended to run from July 24 to August eight, but had been delayed due to COVID-19. The Paralympic Games are also set for August 24 to September fifth of next year as well.

The IOC made the decision in order to “protect the health of the athletes involved and to support the containment of the COVID-19 virus.” The virus has already caused many countries to go on lockdown, while also claiming over 34,000 lives as of March 30. While the Olympics has been cancelled before, this marks the first time ever that the Olympics have been postponed.   

COVID-19 is also responsible for other sports leagues and events either being postponed and/or canceled. One question remains however, will a one year delay be enough? It is impossible to determine whether or not this virus will be contained by then.

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