Update on the Addition to the Verdugo Gym

The truth behind Glendale College’s endless constructions


Contruction Continues : The building site since phase one began in October 2017

The Glendale College campus is a never-ending story when it comes to new construction or updating and remodeling old ones. The campus had the Sierra Vista building project finished in the Spring of 2018. Shortly after Sierra Vista was completed, a new construction project has begun and the construction workers are in the process of putting an auxiliary gym to the current one.

The new addition to the gym is being built with the main goals being; to provide more physical education classrooms along with one large lecture based classroom, more Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) classes, a new state of the art weight room, an expanded athletic training facility (nearly double the size of what it is now), a men’s and women’s locker room, and a better rehabilitation treatment center for injured athletes.

“The addition to the gym will free up a lot of space that JOis compacted in the current gym,” said Chris Cicuto, Associate Dean of Athletics.

With so many improvement projects underway, one may wonder, how does GCC get the funding to afford these projects? In the November 2016 elections voters approved Measure GC, which would issue up to $325,000,000 of the Glendale Community College District’s general obligation bonds. Those funds are to be used strictly to improve the facilities on campus. These funds have already been used for the Sierra Vista building, and for the addition to the Verdugo gym.

The new addition to the gym will not only make more of an abundance of opportunities for physical education classes and athletes as previously stated, but it also makes that part of campus more appealing for the students enrolled. This construction project is expected to be completed by May of 2021.