Analysis: GCC’s Sports in Review

Columnist Elone Safaryan has a run down of college games and performance from Oct. 14 to Oct. 25

Men’s Football

After weeks of way below average play, the football team finally did it. They got their first win. In a real barn burner of a game, as Glendale managed to defeat the much less impressive Compton with a score of 41-27. Glendale has already dug themselves a massive hole that they won’t be able to get themselves out of. Their next game is on Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. where they will be facing L.A. Valley. So, if you’re in the area, stop on by and support the team.

Men’s Soccer

Only playing three games might not seem like much, but in those three, the men’s team was able to score five goals while allowing four. They played Antelope Valley which resulted in a 1-1 tie which was followed by a win against Canyons with a score of 2-1. Their third game being against Bakersfield ended in a 2-2 tie improving their record to 9-5-3. They have five games remaining and they’re all within the conference. Having scored five goals while allowing four, things are looking very good for the men’s team. More praise should be given to the men’s soccer team as they sit on top at first place in their division and second in the conference.

Men’s Cross Country

Congratulations to the men’s cross-country team on winning their fourth consecutive conference title this past Friday on Oct. 25. The men accumulated 43 points in total and were led Albert Serrano, Kevin Keller, and Marvin Guardado who each finished sixth, seventh, and ninth place respectively. Five of the men finished in the top 14 while seven finished in the top 20. Glendale’s next matchup will be a big one as they head to San Diego on Nov 8th for the Southern California Championships. Good luck boys and congrats.

Women’s Volleyball

The Lady Vaqs continue to struggle as their record and performance  has yet to improve. In their past four games, the volleyball team was able to accumulate two wins as well as two losses. With three games remaining and their overall record sitting at 7-11, the team could still turn things around. Winning these next couple games will serve as a challenge as their upcoming opponents all stand higher than Glendale in their conference. Furthermore, if the next three games are victorious for the Lady Vaqs, it would put them at an overall record of 10-11. Only one question remains, can the volleyball team go far with that kind of record? Only time will tell.

Women’s Soccer

When we last checked in with the women’s soccer team, things haven’t looked good to say the least. Inconsistency, lackluster defense, and an anemic offense were just a few reasons for their subpar performance. Fast forward to now and what’s changed? To put it short and simple, nothing. Things have gotten… well worst to put it nicely. In their past five games they managed to lose three, tie one and win one of those games, putting their current record at 5-10-1. The Lady Vaqs were able to put up five goals in those five games while somehow allowing 10 goals in those same five. But I digress, the women’s soccer team is struggling massively. They’ve lost a lot of key players from the past and have been struggling with injuries throughout the season. However, there is a silver lining. They have six games remaining so there’s still time to improve. Some might say I’m being delusional for thinking they can go far or even turn things around, but I’m optimistic. I believe they can turn things around.

Women’s Cross Country

Much like the men, the women’s cross-country team came out victorious as they too won the Western State Conference Title. The Lady Vaqs scored a total 28 points and captured their 15th consecutive conference title. The cross-country team was led by Yajaira Calderon, Phoebe Forsyth, and Jamie Levin who all finished in second, third, and fourth respectively. The top five runners for GCC would finish in the top ten with six finishing in the top 14. They too will be going to San Diego for the Southern California Championships on Nov. 8.