GCC Alum Seeks to Leave His Mark at UNC

Michael Selsor was picked up by one of the nation’s top universities


Guadalupe Ruiz / File Photo

As Michael Selsor makes his big transition into the next chapter of his life, from GCC to North Carolina, the GCC alum will be reminded of all the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

The 20-year old never would have imagined that sports would become such a big part of his life, so much in fact that he will be playing for one the top schools in the nation, the University of North Carolina.

The young player out of La Cañada, Calif., began his football career in high school, where he was a multisport athlete competing in both football and soccer.

Playing two sports in high school gave the opportunity for Selsor to play with friends and to develop his skills. Soccer was something that impacted his punting on the football field in the best way possible.

“Oftentimes there are only a few saves you need to make and if you don’t make them your team can lose,” Selsor said. “It’s the same in football in terms of limited opportunities and the impact it has on the game.”

Embracing the challenges is something Selsor has carried with him for his whole career and it reflects on how he plays football today as a college athlete. 

Upon arriving at GCC for the 2017-18 season, Selsor recorded 63 punts with 22 of those falling in the opponents 20-yard line.

The young athlete takes pride in his accuracy and work ethic, particularly when practicing, he places the ball inside the 20-yard line, kicking the ball away from the end zone to try and flip field position. 

All of that hard work paid off as Selsor earned himself second team, All-Metro league honors.

Now playing at the highest collegiate level, Division 1, Selsor will have an opportunity most kids dream of. 

At North Carolina he will be asked not only to kick 45 yard punts but also to place the ball based on what the situation calls for. Selsor has one mindset, and that is to do whatever his team needs out of him.

Relationships and trust are what help drive football teams to success, but becoming a family with the guys around you can be special.

Life after football is something Selsor is not sure about, but he is on the lookout and ambitious.

Without getting too ahead of himself, Selsor believes being involved through football operations or coaching could be potential career areas he explores. 

No matter where his life may take him after football, Selsor said he will always strive to be the best person he can be, whether that is on the football field or in the classroom.

He has left a mark on GCC history.