Vaqueros Need a Win Soon

Saturday turned out to be a very long day for the Vaqueros. With the offense totalling 114 yards and the defense allowing only 244 total yards against LA Valley, it was a hard fought loss for Glendale.

Turnovers were the key element in the game as the Vaqs threw four interceptions. After 60 minutes the final outcome was 13-0.

In the previous week, Glendale battled Mt. San Jacinto in a nail-biter at home, but just like in the previous two weeks, the game ended in an agonizing defeat.

“That loss was devastating for us. Nothing is worse than being a play away from a victory,” said middle linebacker Cody Shoemaker. “Coach Rome was as frustrated as all of us were in the end zone after the game.”

It’s been an extremely rough start to this short 11-week season. The Vaqs are now 0-4 approaching the halfway point. So far the Vaqueros are fifth in the division, only two games behind their first place rivals, Pasadena City College. The last time Glendale made it to the playoffs was in 2014 with a 9-2 record.

“The ironic thing is our team truly came together as one,” Shoemaker said. “Our ultimate goal is to win our conference but we have to take it one week at a time and take care of business every Saturday.”

As the season continues the team improves. The offense is putting points on the board and the defense is stopping the opposing team. The defense has allowed less and less going from 33 to only 13 in the last game. The improvement is evident.

“We rallied together in the final minutes and shared the loss together rather than individuals,” Shoemaker said.“ Our unity as a team is the foundation of what is going to bounce us back next week and the rest of the season.”

In the second game the Vaqueros decided to go with a familiar backup quarterback, sophomore David Arriaga. Arriaga started the game and threw for two touchdowns and with the game coming to a close, Madrid came in for the final snaps. Against the Eagles, Arriaga played the entire game. He went 9-29 for 86 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

“Our defense is going to work on improving our communication and rallying to the ball on every down,” Shoemaker said.  “Offense is going to work on executing our plays and minimize the amount of missed assignments.”

In two out of the four games played, the Vaqueros have rushed for over 100 yards. Darius Jones and Devin Mangrum are Glendale’s one-two punch, as both averaged a little over seven yards, a carry in the matchup against Mt. San Jacinto.

Glendale had one last chance to win the game within the final minute. The score was 21-19 with the Eagles ahead. There were only 46 seconds left in the game and the Vaqs were backed up in their own 16-yard line. Eighty four yards never seemed so far, but with no timeouts and little time left on the clock the Vaqueros chose the only option they had, move forward by throwing the ball downfield.

“One reminder I can take away from this season so far is: you are going to make mistakes on the field just as in life. One play, one opportunity can change everything.” Shoemaker said.

Glendale will face West LA at 6 p.m on Saturday at Sartoris Field.