The Vaquero Classic: Track is Back!

Dozens of umbrellas dotted the stands as a little bit of rain didn’t stop fans from all over Southern California coming out to support their teams at the Vaquero Classic track and field meet on April 9 at the newly renovated Sartoris Field.

Community colleges from San Diego north to Bakersfield and Ventura east to San Bernardino came out to battle the elements as well as each other in the first official track and field meet at Glendale College in 10 years.
Events got underway with the discus and shot put at 11 a.m. and continued throughout the afternoon with races beginning at noon.

Men’s Events

100-meter Dash
Manuel Delatorre – placed 2nd overall
Dante Johnson – placed 7th overall

200-meter Dash
Manuel Delatorre – placed 1st overall

400-meter Dash
Keyon Hardin – placed 3rd overall

800-meter Dash
Matthew Manolo – placed 1st overall

1500-meter Run
Alejandro Ambrossio – placed 4th overall
Vahagn Isayan – placed 6th overall
Shane Thompson – placed 8th overall

5000-meter Run
Edwin Morales – placed 8th overall

3000-meter Steeplechase
Jhair Torres – placed 5th overall
High Jump
Jeremy Kimmer – placed 1st overall
Pole Vault
Jeremy Kimmer – placed 1st overall
Long Jump
Darius Jones – placed 10th overall

Women’s Events

100-meter Dash
Cydnea Dean – placed 14th overall

400-meter Dash
Isis Rodgers – placed 4th overall

800-meter Run
Giselle Masedo – placed 3rd overall
Agnes Kirakosian – placed 4th overall
Lucik Minassian – placed 10th overall

1500-meter Run
Brenda Sanchez – placed 1st overall
Lucik Minassian – placed 3rd overall

Pole Vault
Gabriella Munguia – placed 5th overall