Meet Our Vaqueros: Up and Coming Players this Season

Meet Our Vaqueros: Up and Coming Players this Season

Brooke Forrester

Kendall Faulkner, Sports Editor

Tanner Mays: (Football)

Number and Position: 81, Tight End

Age :19

Bio: From Portland, Ore., Mays is a marketing major who chose to attend Glendale College because of the honesty and directness of the coaching staff and coach John Rome. Unsure of where he wants to transfer to, Mays said that being at the college has taught him to respect others and that hard work truly pays off. His goal this season is to have as much fun as he can with the sport.

“Everyday that I get to play football is the happiest day of my life,” he said.

Shawn Hardge: (Football)

Number and Position: 10, Defensive Back

Age: 18

Bio: From South Central, Rome and defensive coordinator Steve Flores recruited Hardge to the campus team.  Hardge’s dream school is Humboldt  State University, but he unsure about where he will transfer. During his time at Glendale College, Hardge said he has learned the importance of diversity and the different backgrounds and personalities of the people at Glendale.

“My goal for this season is to play for the program and put Glendale on the map as the number one defense in the state,” said Hardge.

Rory Norman: (Men’s Cross country)

Age: 21

Bio: Rory is 21 years old. He is from Acton and was recommended to Glendale’s team by his previous running coach at Vasquez High School.  The college is well known for its athletics, especially in running sports, both men and women cross country placed 2nd in the 2012 championships.  He is majoring in geology and plans to transfer to Cal State Northridge or any school with a strong geology program.  At Glendale, he has learned that hard work and patience will breed success.  His goals for this season are to help his team claim a state title and win a conference.

“You will never be the best if you do not train like the best,” he said.

Brooke Forrester: (Women’s Soccer)

Number and Position: 3, Forward

Age: 20

Bio: From Sierra Madre, Forrester is majoring in Education at Glendale College while playing volleyball in addition to soccer. Her goal is to transfer to the University of Hawaii if she decides to leave the state; however, if she chooses to stay local, she will most likely attend Cal State Los Angeles. Playing for Glendale has helped her learn the importance of balance.

“Whatever you do out on the field or court will reflect your actions on the outside,” she said.

Her goals for this season include building a strong team dynamic and to play with a mindset that revolves not around winning but around doing their best.

“Playing two sports at Glendale has been the biggest blessing,” she said. “I not only have been able to make some of my best friends, but I have learned so much from my coaches and the entire athletic department as a whole. This place is special and I truly do not know where I would be without the athletic community at Glendale.”