Hall of Fame to Welcome New Members

Sherlyn Ann Maguit, Staff Writer

The Glendale College Athletic Hall of Fame will welcome five new members in October. They will be recognized for their exceptional work and achievements that have made a significant contribution to the college and its athletic department.

The Class of 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame will be honoring the following categories: Outstanding Athletic Achievement; Meritorious Service; Pillar of Achievement; Outstanding Coach and Outstanding team.

The two notable athletes who will be celebrated for outstanding achievement are Kelly Korras and Mark McMillian.

Korras has had success as an athlete on and off the softball field. During her years at GCC, Korras’ athletic abilities led her to arise as one of the top players in the Western State Conference. In 2007 she was named Glendale College Softball Rookie of the Year. She was also awarded the league’s Pitcher of the Year, All-State selection and Women’s Softball Player of the Year, all in 2008.

She never thought that she can would achieve that much success in such a short amount of time.

“I didn’t really believe I could accomplish all that,” said Korras.

Her former softball coach, the late David Wilder known as Coach Hawk, pushed Korras to reach her true potential.

“He taught me so much on and off the field,” said Korras. “I use what I’ve learned from him in my everyday life.”

Korras, who was born in South Africa, continued her softball career playing for the 2012 South African National team that competed in the International Softball Federation World Championship. Currently, Korras is the athletic compliance coordinator at CSUN after beginning as an intern two years ago.

Soon after Coach Hawk passed away in June 2013, Korras received an email from Alex Leon, the sports information director, about being honored in the Athletic Hall of Fame. It was quite shocking to her. Korras brother, Brett Foster was Wilder’s former assistant Coach.

“My brother knew in advance that I was getting inducted to the hall of fame. He was good at keeping it a secret,” said Korras. “I was shocked, extremely honored and excited. I wish Coach Hawk was here to witness it.”

Also honored in the same category is Mark McMillian, a former NFL player, who played only one year of high school football as a cornerback before earning a scholarship to Glendale Community College. He was an All-American in 1988, while playing for the Vaqueros. He then transferred to the University of Alabama, playing for Coach Gene Stallings.McMillian played in the NFL for eight years. He got his first NFL start in 1992, when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. He also played for the Saints, Chiefs, 49ers and Redskins. He earned the starting cornerback job going into the 1998 season with the Chiefs, where he still holds the record for most interception yards.

Two exceptional former coaches will also be honored in the hall of fame.

The Pillar of Achievement award goes to an exceptional athlete, who played for the Vaqueros football team in 1960, then won a national championship with the USC Trojans in 1962 and is a former NFL offensive line coach.

Hudson Houck played at USC from 1962 to 1964, where he won a national title. He then began his coaching career at Crescenta Valley High School and soon after, coached the freshman team at USC. Houck has been an offensive line coach for nearly 30 years.

Houck has coached the L.A. Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers, and retired from the Dallas Cowboys in 2011. After spending one season with the Seahawks he was hired by the Cowboys as an offensive line coach, where he earned two Super Bowl Championship rings in 1993 and 1995.

John Cicuto’s 38 years of experience and passion for his job at Glendale Community College, led to his induction into the hall of fame for Outstanding Coach.

Cicuto started his coaching career at GCC, when he was hired by Jim Sartoris in 1975. He assisted Sartoris for 14 years. Once Sartoris took the position of Athletic Director at GCC in 1988, Cicuto was the head coach for the Vaqueros football team. In 2007, Sartoris retired as the Athletic Director. Soon after, Cicuto took over and resigned from coaching in 2008.

Through his appreciation, he dedicates his success to his faculty, student athletes and coach Sartoris. The ability to mentor and make a difference in his students’ lives is what drives him.

“I truly love this college,” said Cicuto. “ There doesn’t come a day where I don’t thank the higher power that I had the opportunity to come here and spend my whole career at this college.”

Harry Hull, who is a community leader and former president of the Glendale College Foundation, will be receiving the award for Meritorious Service.