Mens’ Basketball Opens with a Wipeout – Exclusive Slideshow Coverage


Jonathan Williams, Sports Editor

Glendale dominated Santa Barbara Thursday night Nov. 14 at home, 105-52, to take the season opener by 53 points, their largest margin of victory in the last two seasons.

“They [Santa Barbara] can’t stop us,” said sophomore forward Gor Plavchyan.

Plavchyan, who they couldn’t stop, led Glendale with 22 points and three rebounds.After the impressive win, head coach Brian Beauchemin said that the Vaqs were deviating a bit from the game plan early.

Slideshow Media Credit: Kathy Bakowicz

The winningest head coach in GCC basketball history has a plaque on his wall that says what he preaches in practice in every day.

“Our first rule is to go inside out,” said Beauchemin.

Glendale pounded the ball inside the painted area.

Post players Emmett Duvall and Nick Kahn crashed the boards. Duvall caught a number of alley-oop passes from the wing trailers of the Vaquero offense. Duvall lept over a Santa Barbara defender and the roar of the crowd radiated from through the gym.

Defensively, the Vaqs pummeled Santa Barbara. GCC had eight blocks and forced 14 turnovers. Glendale held Santa Barbara to a low 30 percent shooting and 26 percent from the three point line.

Other key players like wing players Emerson Castaneda and Sammy Darling rained shots from beyond the three point line.

“I thought that some of our guys that weren’t big played big,” Beauchemin said.

Guard Jason Moore had three defensive rebounds. At just six feet tall, Moore did not score but out-rebounded both Tanner Stuhr and Jared Moore of Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara big men aren’t an inch under 6-foot-5.

In the second half, Santa Barbara Head Coach Morris Hodges received a technical foul in the closing minutes for yelling at the referee. Hodges had been doing it through the entire game and the refs simply had enough.

The team had a tough test against Pierce College at home on Saturday.

“We better not come in thinking we are going to do this [again],” said Beauchemin about the Brahmas before the game.

Glendale, now 2 – 1, beat Pierce 88-79.