Club Demonstrates ‘Sweet Science’ of Boxing


STICK AND JAB: Dominic Alvarez and Arianna Gutierrez mix it up at the San Fernando Complex basketball court

Sal Polcino, Staff Writer

Not every popular club begins with a significant moment. The GCC Boxing Club started by happenstance with a conversation between two sports fans.

History teacher Victor Nebrida and one of his students, David Archer, found they shared a passion for boxing.

Nebrida suggested that Archer form a boxing club and the GCC Boxing Club was born.

Nebrida said things weren’t that easy at first. “We would take the club into the gym just to get out of the sun once in awhile, and a coach would come by and kick us out for wearing the wrong shoes,” Nebrida said. “At that time the club only had four or five members.”

This semester the club holds scheduled practices in the gym three days a week and members have developed a working relationship with athletics director Jon Gold. “Mr. Gold

has been very supportive,” Nebrida said.

Last fall Jordan Berry, a communications major, joined the group as vice president. Berry handles the club’s administrative, public relations and logistics.

Now the club has what Berry described as, “a soft 20 and a hard 15 members,” meaning there are at least 15 who show up nearly every day.

“All our members are really dedicated,” Berry said. “Even during the winter break we would meet at Griffith Park early in the morning and run five miles,” he said. During the semester club members give up their lunch hour five days a week to train.

“Our ultimate goal is to have matches with other colleges,” said Nebrida, who acts as adviser and trainer for the club. “CSUN and Long Beach City College have clubs too.” Nebrida said he would also like to see boxing as an official competitive sport at GCC.

“Goals within the club vary with the individual,” Berry said. “Some want to learn how to fight and spar. Others just want to train. Some have no prior boxing experience.”

Eddy Torres, a geography major, saw the club’s booth last fall during club rush week and joined. “I did some boxing in high school,” Torres said. “When I saw the club I joined right away. It’s so awesome. They teach you how to really box.

“The club is always welcoming new members, both men and women,” Torres said.

Archer, now president of the club, said, “The more experienced members help to train.” Archer would like to hold matches with other local colleges, but he also wants to see which of his fighters seriously want to compete. “I’m sure Jon Gold wants to see those trophies roll in,” he said.

Ash Samaniego, majoring in general exercise science, came to GCC after five years in the U.S. Marine Corps. “I have boxed a lot, but mostly for fitness and fun,” said Samaniego, who joined the club last semester. “Now I want to compete.” Samaniego agreed that the club members are dedicated. “Even off campus, these guys will find a gym and train,” Samaniego said. “Most of the guys are dedicated students as well so sometimes they will have to miss a practice to study or attend a lecture for extra credit.”

“This is not your typical campus club that meets once a week over pizza,” Berry said. who worked in the television and film industry for five years while attending L.A. Film school in Hollywood. “We train hard five days a week when other students are having lunch,” he said.

The GCC Boxing Club meets at 12:30 p.m. at the San Fernando basketball court on Mondays and Wednesdays and in the Verdugo Gym Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Students interested in joining the club can stop by during practices or message the club at GCC Boxing Club on Facebook.