Come On, Where’s The School Spirit?

Marlon Miranda, El Vaquero Sports Editor

Fans don’t win games the players do. But who do the players lean on in the closing moments in the decisive seconds of a game? Who do they depend on for motivation during a tough stretch? It isn’t called home field advantage for nothing.

Imagine the disappointment of the home team as they get booed when they have the ball, or the shock of hearing the visiting school’s chant! This happens in most sporting events in Glendale. Stands are filled with fans of the opposing school and the Vaquero faithful are nowhere to be found.

Grant Lee, psychology major, has attended GCC for two years. However he has never attended a game or a rally. He loves sports, just never got into it on a community level.

“It’s not like a university; it is just a community college,” said Lee “I might be more inclined to support my school team. I just don’t see the point of it in a community college.”

Where is the pride?

When student’s graduates from Glendale, their diploma will have GCC written on it. If they are not ashamed of where they got their education, then why be ashamed of supporting that same school team?

Community college might be just a mean to an end to some students a two year stop before transferring to a university. Why not enjoy it for all the school has to offer?

There is nothing more thrilling than being apart of an electrifying crowd when hundreds of voices turn to one and chant for a mutual advantage, cheer with every success and groan with every misstep. Fans get to watch the transformation of a player into a star and a team into a powerhouse. It’s like watching a reality show, but with more action.During GCC sporting events, some parents show up, maybe a girlfriend or two. But no fans of the game or of the school.

How can the Vaqueros enjoy their home field advantage when the opposing school brings more people, louder people and people who have a love for their school?

Nathan Serrano, a nursing student has a love for sports. He tries to attend as many home games as possible; he has been humiliated multiple times while attending games.

“It’s embarrassing to be like a lone wolf out there. You scream as loud as you got, and others feel like it’s not cool to cheer. My single voice is drowned out by a herd of voices from the other team. I tried bringing friends but no one seems to be into it,” said Serrano.

Lack of school spirit is hurting GCC, without a fan base teams won’t be afraid to play in Glendale. There are no rally monkeys in the stand or upside down hats. Where is the tradition?

The beauty and pageantry of collegiate sports is a traditional right of passage most don’t ever get to feel. Student’s should show a passion and represent their school, their future Alma mater.

Once a Vaquero, always a Vaquero!