Catcher Myles Neimeyer Brings it to the Plate

Alex Campos

For some people, community college is used as a middle ground to make an easier transition into a four-year school. Some people go to four year schools right out of high school, only to endure difficulties and come back to a community college. The latter was the case for GCC catcher Myles Neimeyer.

Neimeyer, 20, is now a catcher for the GCC baseball team. Out of Maranantha High School in Pasadena, he also went to Ouachita Baptist University, a Division 2 school in Arkansas. He played baseball at Ouachita, but it was not what he expected.

“The coaches and I ended up not seeing eye to eye, and it led to me quitting halfway through last season” said Neimeyer. “It was a big test for me personally and mentally, but now I’m here playing for a much better team and for the best coaching staff I’ve ever played for”.

This is his 16th year playing baseball, having played in local leagues such as the Crescenta Valley Little League, Babe Ruth league and the Crescenta Sports Association.

Neimeyer is a local guy, growing up in Pasadena. Baseball has always been a love of his, having played since the age of four. When he was 12, he played on the Pomona Titans travel ball team, a team that was ranked in the top 10 in all of California. He said his most memorable moment in little league was “hitting a walk-off home run in the USSSA qualifier tournament in Chino Hills.”

At Maranantha High School, he was an all-league catcher twice, making first team all-league as a junior and second team all-league as a senior.
At GCC, Neimeyer, or “Long-cut Larry” (an inside joke nickname given to him by outfielder Justin De La Nunez), wears the number 31, just like his favorite baseball player, former Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza.

He says Piazza is his favorite baseball player because “he was a catcher, and a really good one. I don’t know, he was just my idol.”

Neimeyer said that “in my 16 years of playing ball, this GCC coaching staff has been the best staff I’ve ever played for.”

Neimeyer loves playing for the Vaqueros. “This is the most talented team I’ve ever played on.” Neimeyer said. “We have such great team chemistry. I also love this team because our coaching staff works as hard as we do, is as dedicated as we are, and it’s a special thing to play for a coaching staff that gives us 100 percent on and off the field.”

Coach Chris Cicuto said of Neimeyer, “He’s one of many catchers so he gets limited playing time. He still works hard every day and I couldn’t be happier with him. He is developing into a team leader.”

“Myles is one of the best team guys I’ve ever played with” said pitcher Nick Woodward. “Whether he’s in the game or not, he will do anything he can to help his team win”

Outfielder Scott Hong summed up Neimeyer by saying “I’ve only known Myles since I’ve been to GCC, but I have only respect and great things to say about him. Myles has a personality that any team he will ever be on will appreciate, and that’s because of his strong work ethic and the way he handles business on and off the field.

He has earned every right to be on this team and he’s definitely a teammate you want to have on your side. Playing with Myles has been a pleasure thus far because not only does the guy constantly make you laugh, but his demeanor and mannerisms remind you that he doesn’t take even one day for granted.”

Outside of baseball, Neimeyer is also a good student with many hobbies. He has a 3.0 GPA at GCC and spends his free time playing the violin. He is a big fan of the South, and hopes to live in Dallas, Texas when he is older. He loves rap and country music. Before every game, Neimeyer listens to the song “Bought a Chicken” by Gucci Mane.

As for the future, Neimeyer hopes to transfer to a four-year school down South. As far as baseball goes, Neimeyer hopes to “enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts”.