Golf Banquet Honors 2010 Lady Vaqueros

Derek Stowe

The Glendale College Golf Department held a Thai food banquet in Huntington Beach on Dec. 21 for the Women’s Golf Team to honor the team’s accomplishments in 2010.

Taminie “Tammy” Panich became the first golfer in GCC history – man or woman – ever to win a state golf championship when she captured the individual gold medal at the 2010 Women’s State Championships at Chino Hills last November.

Head Coach Greg Osbourne invited team members along with friends and family to the informal award ceremony held at Phuket Thai, owned by Panich’s mother and stepfather. Several awards and gifts were passed out to commemorate the successful fall 2010 season.

Teammate Imelda Treto, 19, said, “It was amazing playing with Tammy – driving on the fairway, chipping over sand traps, putting on the green – she showed me what I should try.”

Panich’s friends and teammates admired the poise she brought to the golf course. She made shooting par look easy.

“I’ll be back next season and I hope to live up to her legacy,” said Treto who always paid close attention to Panich’s advice – as well as Osbourne’s.

“The biggest lesson I learned was to take a practice round before every match,” said Treto referring to the Santa Barbara course. Going through a course in advance with the coach for pointers is a tremendous help.

The first award Osbourne passed out was the athletic emblem certificate. This is given to all team members for playing and is the equivalent of a varsity letter.

Banquet guests interrupted their dinner to applaud Diana Hernandez, Panich, Treto, JoAnn Valina and Louise Wright.

“Diana was the first one I met who wanted to play this year.” said Osbourne awarding her a certificate. “Someone who was one of the most competitive, at the young age of 35, is JoAnne… Louise was invaluable as a rules judge at the state championships..”

In congratulating Panich for winning the State title Osbourne said, “When Tammy won the State they gave her a gold medal. She basically went all the way. That’s as far as you can go in Women’s Golf.”

Next, there flowed a steady stream of awards for Panich commemorating her landmark season.

“By making the regional team (where she took third) and going to the State (Championships),” said Osbourne, “Tammy also gets an All-Conference Certificate [First Team WSC]..”

In addition, because the team voted Panich the Most Valuable Player, Osbourne had a trophy custom-engraved with the exact wording of her State medal.

Finally, for having the Lowest Average, and exhibiting strong leadership, Panich received a commemorative watch from the college, which she accepted to the continued cheers of all in attendance.

Wright also received a Glendale College Athletics watch for outstanding leadership.

“All good things must come to an end – like this season which ended way too quick,” said Osbourne addressing the huge table of supporters, his second family.

After Osbourne thanked the women for the fun time he had coaching them, he said, “You completely turned around what my job is and what the future is for the Golf Department.”

Hernandez, Treto, Valina and Wright all plan to return next season. Panich will be moving on to a four-year university.

Osbourne expects this spring’s Men’s Golf season to be all the more competitive as the Vaqueros endeavor to out-do Panich and her team’s outstanding season.

For more information or to join the team, Osbourne may be reached at (818) 636-1161.