Corsairs Plunder Lady Vaqueros 4-0

Luis Rodriguez

The Lady Vaqueros had an intense night facing the versatile Santa Monica Corsairs in one of the last games of the season on Oct. 29.

Unfortunately, they were shut out on in a 4-0 loss.

Freshman Taylor Oswalt made the first goal attempt for Santa Monica at three minutes into the first half. On their first attempt, the Lady Vaqs tried to corner Santa Monica goalie Alisa Sheldon, but to no avail. Oswalt then tried to score a second goal at the 9-minute mark.

The first goal for the Corsairs finally came from sophomore Santos Tejada at 12 minutes. Santa Monica sophomore Brianna Edwards was injured after a tackle.

Lady Vaq Sharis Harootun tried to battle with Lady Corsairs’ Hilary Hogarski for a corner kick, but the play was not counted by the ref and the ball was tossed back onto the field.

Freshman Natalia Burns, and sophomore Tayler Nelson from GCC, were substituted for freshman America Lopez, and sophomore Amy Rosales, at the 25-minute mark. Lopez attempted the first goal by the Lady Vaqs at 27 minutes.

Santa Monica sophomore Lauren Bustamante kicked the ball off the field to prevent the Vaqueros from getting a goal with 30 minutes left in the first half.

SMC freshman Samantha Li, attempted a shot on goal, but the ball went out of bounds. Sophomore Paola Guardado of GCC prevented a goal from Li at 32 minutes. Harootun tried for another goal at 34 minutes. Glendale’s Marina Pedone, attempted a free kick, but didn’t score. Tejada went for another goal at 37 minutes, but was caught off sides.

Santa Monica freshman Gabriela Rodriguez went for a goal at 42 minutes, but missed. Glendale was down 1-0 by the end of the first half.

At 11 minutes into the second half, Edwards scored the second goal for Santa Monica. Glendale went down 2-0. Rodriguez got a yellow card for a handball pass at 18 minutes. She would soon score the third goal for Santa Monica at 21 minutes.

Glendale’s luck didn’t get any better as Edwards scored the fourth goal for Santa Monica at 23 minutes.

Harootun went for her second goal attempt of the night at 35 minutes, but was off sides.

Glendale freshman Samantha Aguirre went for the second to last goal attempt for the Vaqs, but was tripped up by Corsair sophomore Caitlyn O’Neil. At 43 minutes, Pedone failed at the last goal attempt for Glendale.

When asked about the difference between the Corsairs and Mission College Eagles, who the Vaqs had beaten, America Lopez said: “The difference was the intensity of the team. We were just sending the ball in the air. You’re more likely to get hurt on the ground.”

When asked if changing formations might help, Coach Jorge Mena said: “No. We try to change formations. We’re not able to score. We had two or three substitutions. We give SMC credit. I tried to give the substitution players a chance. We’re not losing because we’re a bad team; we’re losing because we play good teams.”