Condors Feast on Scoreless Vaquero Team

Luis Rodriguez

It was a long, cold night for the Glendale Vaqueros as they met the Oxnard College Condors on Friday at Sartoris Field.

Glendale lost its next to last game by a score of 3-0.

Defender Hans Cabrera, sheilded the opposition by staying on the right side of the field the whole game. Jason Acosta attempted the first goal for Glendale, but missed. Freshman Yuto Hisamura, made the second goal attempt for GCC. Oxnard sophomore, Jesus Lopez, tripped Acosta but was not punished by the ref.

Condors freshman Sigifredo Torres, made his first goal at 12 minutes, after cornering Glendale’s goalie Edwin Cabrera. Torres made his second goal at 23 minutes. Sigifredo almost completed a hat-trick by scoring a third goal, but Cabrera stopped it with a high jumping block.

The last opportunity for the Vaqueros in the first half came in the form of a missed header from Yader Arita.

Oxnard sophomore Gerardo Guzman, attempted two goals in the second half including a 30 yard missile, but Cabrera caught it.

At the 37 minute-mark of the second half, Oxnard’s Sam Nellis scored the third and final goal of the game. The Vaqueros got a warm ovation, packed up their stuff, and left the field.

This game marked the beginning of the end of the season for the Vaqueros. The Glendale Vaqueros team is full of 16 young aspiring freshman who will hopefully get better next season.

Glendale Assistant Coach Laura Matsumoto said, “For what we are capable of, I think we under performed.”

Glendale forward Ramsey Issa, played for only five minutes in the second half. Issa said, “I had a bad game today. I didn’t feel like I was in the game. We didn’t play to our potential. The different positions were all scattered.”

The last Vaqueros game of the season is at home against Los Angeles Mission on Friday at 7 p.m.