Vaqueros Vs. Vaqueros

Luis Rodriguez

Glendale put forth its best effort against Santa Barbara on Friday, losing by a score of 2-1 in a battle of the Vaqueros.

“Only two goals have been scored on Santa Barbara in 10 games.” Glendale freshman Ramsey Issa, said. “If we beat them, this game will be historic.”

The first half of the game saw no goals conceded by either team. All three goals came during the second half of the game.

Santa Barbara forward Pierre Mahsson attempted the first free kick of the game but missed. During one of Glendale’s first goal attempts Santa Barbara really put the pressure on goalie Edwin Cabrera, even though Cabrera did manage to block three shots in 24 minutes. Later in the half, Cabrera collided with freshman teammate Yusepe Garcia. Garcia went down and was eventually replaced.

When Rodrigo Perez won the first corner kick for Santa Barbara, he did a gymnastic front flip as he threw the ball. He showed off this move every chance he could during the game.

Near the end of the first half, Glendale’s Tade Mirazaian, a sophomore, and Santa Barbara’s Branden Tangel collided during a tackle that knocked Mirazaian unconscious. Mirazaian sustained a concussion during the collision.

“Everything feels like a dream right now,” Mirazaian said as he arrived at the bench.

During the second half, as Mattison attempted the second corner kick for Santa Barbara, his hopes were dashed as Glendale goalkeeper Cabrera jumped upward and blocked the shot.

Ramsey tried a through goal in a losing attempt as Santa Barbara’s Yonha Adrabi blocked the shot. Glendale’s Tomas Jolon passed to sophomore Jason Acosta, scoring the first goal of the night at the 20th minute of the second half. Ramsey was given a yellow card five seconds later.

At 27 minutes, Santa Barbara’s Perez scored the equalizer with a throw-in goal. Mattison also scored a goal at 34 minutes when Santa Barbara received a penalty kick. After conceding two goals in a short period of time, Cabrera was replaced by Glendale goalkeeper Hakob Boghossian.

Freshman, Ronald Ventura of Glendale was tackled at 38 minutes but the referee didn’t call it. Boghossian blocked a shot from Mattison in the last goal attempt from Santa Barbara.

Otar Chikhradze, a freshman, made the last goal attempt for Glendale, when Yohna saved his missed dribble. Shortly afterwards the ball stopped rolling.

After the game, the two teams and their coaches shook hands. The visiting team turned to the audience for an ovation but they were heckled and jeered. The Glendale Vaqueros received a huge ovation for their effort.

“They were the better team. We had them for 70 minutes. Goals are made because mistakes are made. Babies are born because mistakes are made,” Coach Joe Agoston said.

The next game is Tuesday at L.A. Mission at 4 p.m.