Men’s Soccer Claims 1st Win of Season

Brandon Gardner

A vigorous battle took place on the home field last Friday night between GCC and Fullerton College as the men’s soccer teams squared off. As the final whistle blew, the game ended triumphantly for GCC, marking the Vaqueros’ first win of the season.

“We did a really good job as a team,” Glendale’s Issa Ramsey said when asked about the team’s performance. “Midfield stepped it up, defense held it down and we got the goal.” Glendale won buy a score of 1-0 against Fullerton.

The one and only goal scored in the game was made by Ramsey toward the end of the first half. Both teams played intensely and were at each other’s throats throughout most of the game. From start to finish, both the players and the fans sitting in the stands could feel the intensity of the game.

Fullerton came close to scoring a goal several times, but Glendale’s swarming defense managed to subdue them.

Glendale’s goalkeeper managed to keep Fullerton from scoring on several occasions as he made a number of impressive dives and blocked the ball from entering
the net.

The game was a struggle for both teams. The defense was strong on each side, as was the offense. Players from both teams suffered slight injuries, but none of them were considered serious. The game was truly impressive from both sides of the field.

“We’re happy with the win, the guys needed this for their confidence,” Head Coach Joe Agoston said. Agoston added that the team still has a long way to go.

Many whistles were blown throughout the game yet no red cards where given to either team, although one yellow card was given to Fullerton during the second half.

“We’re continuing our slow but steady improvement,” Assistant Coach Laura Matsumoto said after Glendale’s win, and she added “We fought all the way until the end, until the last whistle.”

The next game will be against Irvine Valley College on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Glendale.