Harbor City Drowns Lady Vaqueros 3-1

Luis Rodriguez

Fresh off the heels of its 8-0 loss on Aug. 31, the Glendale women’s soccer team managed to score one goal during the Sept. 3 home game against Harbor City. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough.

The team lost 3-1 to Harbor City. Both teams used a 4-4-2 formation. GCC used the same starters and formations as they did during their last match.

The first goal of the match was from Harbor City’s Elena Romo at the 20 minute mark of the first half. Glendale forward Sharis Harootun got a yellow card for a tackle on one of the Harbor City players. Shortly afterward, Harootun scored the only Vaquero goal of the game at 37 minutes into the half. The next goal was from Harbor City’s Kailey Campos, coming at 44 minutes.

Forward America Lopez missed one of Glendale’s cleanest shots on goal, coming some 35 minutes into the game, after being swarmed by the Harbor City defense. The fourth and last goal of the match came from Harbor City’s Percilla Herrera with an assist at 39 minutes of the second half.

Glendale goalkeeper Esther Rodriguez was nearly injured as she avoided hitting the goal post trying to make a save during the first half. Lopez eventually hurt her knee after a tackle.

When asked about the team’s performance, Head Coach Jorge Mena said: “We’ll do better next time, we just ran into a good team. When they play well, they play well.”

Mena used the same 4-4-2 formation as he did for the Aug. 31 game. When asked if he would use the same formation for the next game, he said “Yes, it’s important to remain consistent. Most of the girls on the GCC team came from high school with soccer backgrounds.” Mena added that the girls had been practicing for two months prior to beginning the new season.

When asked about the Sept. 3 performance, Harootun said “We did better than last game,” and added, “We are still getting used to each other, we’ll do better next time.”
The next game is against West Los Angeles on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Sartoris Field.