VOICES Were Heard in Soccer Tournament

Kate Krantz

Uno, dos, trés, Gol!

Hearts pumped rapidly, fingers stiffened and eyes tensed as the final point could make all the difference between victory and defeat. Team La Furia Roja (The Red Fury), two-time defending champion, was declared winner.

Sartoris Field served as a “fútbol” field for the VOICES 24-team soccer tournament on May 22.

VOICES (Voices Organizing Immigrant Communities for Educational Success) is a club whose main priority is to promote higher education for all AB540 students (undocumented and unqualified for financial aid, whether federal or state level), but to also support the students financially.
Aside from the tournament, VOICES hosts numerous events such as high school outreach, burrito sales, film screenings, retreats and AB540 conferences to aid those students in need.

“[The soccer tournament] is a great way for students to feel great about themselves as well as being able to play in a nice facility,” said ladies’ soccer coach Jorge Mena.

Hot dogs sizzled and smoothies blended as players arrived at 7:30 a.m. The anticipation grew as the 8 a.m. kickoff drew near.

The tournament, collectively, consisted of 24 teams, including participators from Pasadena City College, Los Angeles City College and Cal State Northridge. Each team had six players and two optional substitutes on the bench, awaiting their chances to score on the sun kissed field.

As the rounds progressed, more and more teams trudged toward the bleachers, unhappy with the outcomes of the games.

“You win some and you lose some,” said GCC student Mate Vickovic.
Team Chupacabras, with a total of one win and two losses, tried to keep its chin up.

GCC student and team Chupacabras captain Chris Ramos said, “Although we didn’t win, there’s always next year.”

The 24 teams played three 20-minute games, with three games per group and only two out of the 24 teams advanced to the finals, Voldemort and La Furia Roja. Each team is comprised of students from various colleges.
Team Voldemort aimed to arouse its opponents as the team unanimously chanted, “Fear the name!”

The game went into overtime with a tie of 1-1 as it transitioned into sudden death. “Sudden death” is a type of overtime where the first goal scored by a team ends the game and gives that team the victory. The team with the winning goal to conclude the tournament was La Furia Roja, winning 2-1.

The winning team members were Andres Donayre, Julio Donayre, David Acentyn Casillas, Sorush Camron, Gor Gandolfini, Javier Silva and Kariam Kherbache.

“It was a competitive tournament but we came here determined to win,” said Gandolfini.
To participate in the tournament and be able to win the $360 cash prize, teams were asked for a $70 fee that will go toward the VOICES scholarships.

The profit total was of the event will be divided by the number of members that will receive a VOICES scholarship that will be used to pay a three-unit class.
With the intense planning and volunteer work, the soccer tournament was a huge success.

According to VOICES club president Sally Orellana, it was an overall club contribution so there was no way to pinpoint which member put in the most time.

“In the end, it [benefited] everyone . it was a chance for [the students] to enjoy what we have,” said Mena.

“I think that this was one of the events on campus that had everything right about it,” said club vice president Christian Cano. “Tons of students were united to compete for a cash prize while supporting a good cause at the same time. It is a win-win situation. Players had fun with their friends and came out satisfied, while VOICES was able to build its name and raise funds for scholarships which are greatly appreciated by the club members.”

The VOICES soccer tournament is held once every semester. For more information about future club events and fundraisers, visit www.glendale.edu/voices.