Oilers Prove Too Slippery for Vaqueros

It was the last home game of the season. The players tried to leave everything behind, fighting until the very last inning.

To make things more exciting, the game went into extra innings.

Unfortunately, the extra innings didn’t help the Vaqs as they fell to the West L.A. Oilers, 5-4.

Starting pitcher Erik Allen limited the Oilers to just two runs in five innings.
Allen allowed one home run in the top of the second inning, which let West L.A. take the lead.

However, the Vaqs came right back with two runs. With one out already, first baseman Bo Silva hit a high ball to mid-center field, but the ball was dropped and allowed him to get on first base. Shortstop Ruben Padilla walked off the ball count, which moved Silva to second base.

Second baseman Hong Ahn struck out, giving the Vaqs the second out in the inning. Ryan Daniels also walked the bases. Center fielder Jason Ochart then hit a ball to left field, giving him a single and two RBI’s.
“I didn’t hit the ball hard, but I’ll take it,” said Ochart, “it’s always nice getting a hit and taking an early lead.”

Next up was left fielder Thomas Cruz. Daniels and Ochart both stole bases, but Cruz struck out closing the inning.
At the top of the third, the outs came quickly, including a double play from Ahn to Silva.

At the bottom of the third, two outs had already happened with catcher Erik Suarez’s out at first base and right fielder Nash Hutter’s high ball to center field.

Next up, third baseman Sako Chapjian hit a home run, putting the Vaqs up by two.
“It felt good because we got reassurance and so our pitchers could put up another zero,” said Chapjian.

Silva followed with a ground ball to center field, which gave him a single.
As Padilla came up to bat, Silva stole second. However, the second baseman missed the ball and allowed Silva to steal third. Padilla struck out giving the Vaqs their third out.

In the top of the fourth, the outs came quick. A high ball to center field, high ball to the catcher and hit to second base.
At the bottom of the fourth, Ahn hit a ground ball to center field for a single. Daniels hit a ball to right field also for a single, advancing Ahn made it to third base. Ochart also hit a ball to center field but was caught as Ahn scored on the sacrifice fly.Cruz was up again, but another hit to center field got him out.

Suarez was up next, but Daniels tried to steal second and was unsuccessful, concluding the inning. At the top of the fifth, Allen allowed one run.

“I feel good how I did, but I could’ve done better and not given up those two runs,” said Allen on his performance. “I’m just upset we lost.”

In the bottom of the fifth, the Oilers didn’t give the Vaqs a chance to even get on base. Suarez, Hutter, and Chapjian all got outs with a hit to left field, a hit to third base, and a high ball to right field.
Relief pitcher Spencer Smith came in and only allowed one run in three innings.

In the sixth inning, he allowed one hit to right field for a single, but struck out the other batters.

The same result happened with the Vaqs in the bottom of the sixth. Silva struck out, Padilla hit a ball to center field for a single, Ahn struck out but Padilla stole second base, and Daniels also struck out.
At the top of the seventh, Smith struck out the first two batters, allowed one hit for a single and a high ball to Chapjian got the Oilers their third out.

The Vaqs still couldn’t get a run as Ochart struck out, Cruz hit a ball to second base for an out, and Suarez hit one to third base also for an out.

Smith gave the Oilers their third run in the top of the eighth inning. The first batter struck out, and the second hit a ball to Ahn for the second out.

Next the Oilers got a home run, and the fourth batter hit a ball to Ochart for a double. Luckily Smith struck out the next batter.

Still, the Vaqs couldn’t come up with their own hits. Hutter, Chapjian, and Silva all struck out.

Next, pitcher Michael Noteware allowed one run in the top of the ninth inning, making the game a tie.

In the bottom of the ninth, the Vaqs still couldn’t get a hit. Padilla got out at first, Osuna hit a high ball, and David Park hit a ball to first base.

The game went into extra innings and pitcher Ben Gass came in to try to hold the Oilers to just four runs, but he allowed runners to get on base. Richie Valenzuela came in right after Gass but he allowed a hit to center field, which gave the Oilers their fifth run.

The Vaqs still had their chance, but just couldn’t come up with what they needed. In the bottom of the tenth, Ochart struck out as well as Cruz. And with a high ball to center field by Suarez, the game was over.
The final score: Oilers 5, Vaqs 4.

The Vaqs finished off their 2010 season 14-21 and 7-14 in WSC.