Rough Homecoming For The Vaqueros

Chloe Vignolles-Jeong

t was a bittersweet moment for the Vaqueros on Saturday night as they hosted the Bakersfield College Renegades at Sartoris Field.

The Vaqs had their homecoming game, after three away games, where many Vaquero football fans came out to support the men. That was the sweet part.

The bitter part was the score.

Glendale suffered a 49-3 loss to Bakersfield, and is now 3-4 on the season and 0-3 in the Northern Conference.
Glendale received the ball in the first drive of the game, but punted back to the Renegades. The Renegades’ receiver returned the punt for 65 yards. One play later the Renegades scored, bringing them up 7-0.

The Vaqs moved along in their second drive, but the drive came to a stop when quarterback Steve Miller threw an interception. The Renegades took possession once again, and after a pass and an 80-yard rushing play, they scored once again, making it 14-0.

On the next drive, the Vaqs began at their own 21-yard line. Miller was sacked on the third play and fumbled the ball. Bakersfield recovered, and 41 yards later they scored once again.

At the end of the first quarter it was Bakersfield 21, Glendale 0.

Glendale continued into the second quarter, and all they could come up with at the end of the drive was a field goal by Dimitri Belchen.

However, Bakersfield responded to the field goal and drove 63 yards downfield to score a touchdown with 8:54 remaining in the half.
On the next play, with first-and-10 at the Glendale 38-yard line, running back Willie Youngblood fumbled the ball and Bakersfield recovered.

The defense stopped the Renegades to give the ball back to the Vaqs one last time before the end of the half.

Glendale went 92 yards, and on third-and-5 at the Bakersfield 6-yard line, Miller threw an interception, which concluded the first half.

The Bakersfield offense took over in the beginning of the second half. Once again, they drove downfield 56 yards to score a touchdown. With 11:32 remaining in the third quarter, Bakersfield was up 35-3.

Glendale’s defense was able to contain the Bakersfield offense for the rest of the third quarter without allowing a touchdown. Still, offense couldn’t convert on downs.
At the start of the fourth quarter, Glendale had the ball. On fourth-and-goal, Miller couldn’t complete his pass and the ball turned over to the Renegades.

The Renegades scored on a 80-yard pass play.
The nightmare wasn’t over.With 6:57 remaining in the fourth quarter, Bakersfield yet again scored.

Bakersfield 49, Glendale 3.

The Vaqs’ offense attempted to move downfield, but what seemed to be the possibility of a touchdown was stopped abruptly when Miller threw an interception on third-and-goal at the goal line.
The game was over. The Bakersfield offense had managed to rip through the Vaquero defense.

Youngblood led the rushing offense with 15 carries for 87 yards. Joe Wiggan had 13 carries for 51 yards. Jorge Chaidez had six carries for eight yards.

Miller was 20 for 37 with three interceptions.

Eudell Clayton led the receiving offense. He had seven receptions for 94 yards. Keith Gaines had four for 42 yards. Brian Williams had three for 45 yards.

Defensively, Josh Harmon had a total of five tackles and Jean Khajarian had three tackles.
The Vaqueros will play at Allan Hancock College (7-1 and 3-1 in conference) Saturday at 6 p.m. at Righetti High School.