Vaqueros Dominate Santa Monica 90-73.

Richard Kontas

Saturday night the Vaqueros took Santa Monica to the cleaners, defeating them 90-73.

Vaquero forward Josh Guillory led the offense with 25 points and 10 rebounds, followed by Markus Monroe with 19 points, Michael Cotton had 14 points, Deonte Wyatt with 13 points and Peter Newell added 12 points.

Glendale also beat Valley on Feb. 4, 74-69, making them 12-14 overall and 5-4 in Western Conference play.

Josh Guillory is leading the WSC in rebounds with 10.8 per game, while teammate Markus Monroe is ranked fourth in the WSC with 3.7 assists per game. Monroe also has the highest point game to date at 34 points in WSC play.