Volleyball Team Suffers Setback Against Orange Coast

Ken Malate

The Glendale College Lady Vaqueros’ record went down 2-2 after suffering a devastating loss, falling to a three-game sweep by visiting Orange Coast College on Sept. 12.
OCC won 25-17, 25-18, and 25-18 after what seemed like a tough defensive game for Glendale. The Vaqueros kept each of the games close until late in the sets, when OCC managed to find every hole in GCC’s defense.

The Vaq’s unsuccessfully struggled to bounce back from the first set with all the errors
and missed opportunities they committed.
“We made so many unforced errors,” said Coach Yvette Ybarra about Friday night’s game. “If we could limit our unforced errors and put the ball down, I mean really hit it hard, it would really help us against our next competitors [PCC Sept. 17].”

Glendale came out blazing around the court, managing to rally with almost every serve, touching the ball, but just lacking the chance to really capitalize on it.

Freshman setter from Bell Jeff High School, Nicole Diller recorded a game high 24 assist for Glendale. When Diller was asked what she and her team could improve on for the next game she said, “personally, I need to improve on my defense. As a team, we lacked communication out there, I’m sure that if we come through together, everything else will fall into place.”

Communication might have been the biggest factor for Friday’s game. Confusion plagued Glendale as they just couldn’t seem to find their positions on the court.

Sophomore international student and Glendale star Aya Nakano led the team with eight kills and six digs. “I think I lacked confidence tonight, especially coming off the last game we played,” said Nakano about the night’s game.

“We need to stop standing out of our positions. Also, I need to trust my setters and passers more,” said Nakano, when asked what she thinks she needs to work on for their next game.

“We really have to work on our focusing, because tonight we weren’t focused at all; most of the play they scored on was because we were out of our positions,” said freshman Ashliy Veliz, from Eagle Rock High. “We have to play great defense. We also have to hit better. We have a lot of great hitters in this team, and if we execute properly, I know we can do it.”

The Lady Vaqueros definitely put forth a valiant effort in their disappointing loss. “I was excited about how we played, I know with Glendale they always play aggressive and scrappy defense, and they always serve well, so we expected just that,” said Orange Coast Coach Chuck Cutenese.

The Lady Vaqs start Western Conference play Oct. 7.