‘Highest Air’ Record on a Motorcycle Set During Red Bull Experiment

Richard Kontas

Motocross star Ronnie Renner performed “magic” in front of 20,000 fans on July 11 by jumping a record height of 59 feet and 2 inches on a motorcycle quarterpipe, at the world-famous Santa Monica Pier.

Slideshow media Credit: Richard Kontas

“Everything was absolutely perfect tonight,” said Renner. “I’m totally blown away that I went over 59 feet.I just really can’t believe so many fans came out to support me.”

Originally scheduled to make five jumps, Renner had topped out at 54 feet and 7 inches; he decided he wasn’t satisfied with that and stunned the crowd with another attempt – this was the magic he hoped for, soaring 59 feet and 2 inches into the night sky for a history-making accomplishment.

Renner, a freestyle motocross veteran, had previously won a gold medal in the 2007 X-Games.

The event also featured a fly-over by the Red Bull MiG fighter, aerial acrobatics from the Red Bull Air Force skydiving team that jumped from a helicopter and landed right on Renner’s ramp, and a live concert by rock band Carolina Liar.

The Red Bull Experiment is a series of world-first “experimental” sporting feats performed by the world’s highest ranking extreme sports athletes – each destined to break and make world records.

The first was a New Year’s Eve 322-foot jump (longer than a football field) on a motorcycle by Robbie Madison at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

The second installment was in New York’s Central Park, featuring BMX star Kevin Robinson, soaring 54 feet above the ground to set the BMX big air record on June 12.

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