Lady Vaqueros Defeat Santa Barbara College, 5-4

Susan Aksu

D espite a rained out preseason the GCC Women’s tennis team (1-0) prevailed to be number one on Tuesday after winning their first game of WSC season 5-4 against Santa Barbara College (1-2) at Glendale.

The singles matches were less successful for the lady Vaqueros. The first matches were dominated by SB with Jennifer Chung losing to Anna Ottman 2-6, Miyuki Yokozuka to Kayla Riley 5-7 and Sonia Rodriguez to Jane Prior 6-7.

Match winners during the first match for GCC were returnee Zaira Rojas against Suzanna Petrie 6-1, Nancy Bogado against Madaleine Towery 6-1 and Maria Bagofora against Bridget Nottingham 7-5.

The second round of matches were dominated by Glendale as they stepped up their game. Chung won 6-3, Bagafora won 6-2, Yokozuka 6-3, Rodriguez 6-4. Bogado and Rojas once again won the second round with 6-3.

Moving onto the third round Chung stayed defeated 4-6, Yokozuka lost 3-6 and Rodriguez won 6-4.

“I think our doubles teams are pretty well set,” said Coach Terry Coblentz.
“They need to be comfortable playing with each other and their skills need to be able to compliment each other’s.”

Rojas and Bogado remained undefeated and were the only ones to bring in a win for GCC in double plays. The pair won 8-4 against SB’s Petrie and Towery. Yokozuka and Rodriguez lost 7-9 against Nottingham and Riley; Chung and Bagofora lost 4-8 against Ottmann and Prior.

“We’ve got a great group of women. They’re all hard workers. They’re ready to play,” said Coblentz.

“Certainly winning doesn’t hurt. I’d like to say I want to win every single match and I do want to win every match, but I don’t put that pressure on the kids because I’m not sure that it’s a realistic expectation.”
The next meet at GCC will be on Thursday against Cuesta