GCC Inducts 13 Into Hall of Fame

On March 20, GCC welcomed former college superstars when the athletic department invited 13 inductees to the Hall of Fame.

The banquet was held to honor athletes that have excelled at their sports at GCC, and it also allowed the college to thank them for making such important marks on the athletic program.

Athletes such as Julie Flynn Sanford, who in 1979 earned the title of best women’s junior college shot putter in California, were celebrated.
Other athletes, such as Wally Ritchie, a pitcher who in 1985 helped the Glendale baseball team win 25 games and then went on to the Philadelphia Phillies; Football player Mike Hull shined while on the GCC football team in 1963 and later moved onto both the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears; and the entire team of the men’s basketball team in the 1984-85 season, who not only won the championship, but moved on to the final four state championships, made the college proud and were therefore celebrated at the banquet.

While there have been many athletes who have given their all during the many sporting events, the nomination committee, Tye Veden, Terry Coblentz, Bill Gallagher, Dave Greenbaum, Harry Hull, Margaret Lofaro, Jim Sartoris and Paul Schlossman, have chosen these athletes because of their talents and GCC pride.