Women’s Tennis Team Is ‘Considerably Stronger’

El Vaquero Staff Writer

The women’s tennis team is slicing their way into season with their share of wins and losses in their first matches.

The team has racked up a 2-3 overall record, and they will be matched up against Citrus for a rescheduled match on Monday.

With coach Terry Coblentz leading the team, the squad is working hard to come up on top.

Strong players on the squad like Cindy Gomez who has only one loss so far in her matches are gearing the team to win.

“The team is considerably stronger than last season,” Coblentz said, “We’ve had times where we went into matches weaker last season, but this season we’re coming in stronger.”

Gomez teamed with Felicia Masto, head up the doubles competition and are firing rounds at their opponents for wins. Doubles Alicen Ostash and Ani Balabegian are consistently pumping out last minute wins that are helping the squad to victory.

The squad has racked up wins against Bakersfield 5-4 and Moorpark 6-3 and losses against Allan Hancock 3-6 Cuesta 4-5 and Ventura 0-9.

Coblentz complimented the unity that this season’s team has.

“The team is always supporting and helping eachother” Coblentz said. “Where we lack experience, we make up in determination and balance.”

She also stated that the key to winning tennis matches is balance” and that this team is extremely balanced.

The team was rained out on the Moorpark match Feb. 13 but rescheduled their match to Feb. 24 for a win.

Rain also slipped up their plans for their match against Citrus on Feb 25, Santa Monica Feb. 27 and Santa Barbara last Feb. 25. The squad is scheduled to play Citrus on March 10 and Santa Monica March 11.

Although the rain has taken a small toll on the game play of the team, Coblentz said, “It hasn’t hurt us hard.”

The squad has many games to make up in the coming weeks which makes rescheduling very difficult, but, the team is ready to come back and battle for wins.

Monday’s game will help solve the buildup of games.