Men’s Soccer Ties Moorpark

El Vaquero Staff Writer

After a first-round loss to Moorpark, the Vaqueros came into Tuesday’s game against the Raiders hoping to win. But after long hard battle, the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Both teams looked strong in the beginning, but it was Glendale’s Alex Lopez who put the game’s first point on the board about 10 minutes into the first half.

“They crossed me the ball, it bounced once and I just put it in,” Lopez said. “They are a tough team. They play hard the whole 90 minutes.”

After the first goal, both teams went at each other hard, until the referee blew his whistle, signaling the end of the first half.
During the break, Coach Joe Agoston told his team to pick it up a notch. “They will come at you hard in the second half. Stay alert, and do not give them chances to score.”

Like Agoston predicted, the Raiders came out and played tough. Glendale, however, appeared to handle the pressure well until Moorpark slipped a goal past a diving Vaquero keeper in the 65th minute. With the score now 1-1, the momentum was on Moorpark’s side. The Vaqueros, feeling the pressure, were not able to retaliate, as the game came to an end.

The Vaqueros, who tied Oxnard 1-1 last Tuesday, and lost to Citrus 2-1 Friday, fell to 8-7-5 overall.
Their next game is today at Allan Hancock at 3 p.m.